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Before joining Allianz, Dato’ Sueann was the Head of Litigation in a legal firm.

• Average working hour: 12 – 14 hours
   per day
• She had to put in long hours at work
   and spent her weekend working as well
• At times she clocked in 36 hours
   continuously at work


Han Pin graduated from a University in Adelaide, Australia, with a degree in management (Marketing). Prior to his graduation, it has come to his mind that a 9 - 5 career will not be able to bring him to the life that he desired.

Christine grew up at Kampung Bali, a small village in Ipoh, Perak. She started her career in Kuala Lumpur as a purchasing supervisor in a trading company for 20 years.

• Slow income growth
• Dull and boring working life

She realized that her regular job would not bring her to what she wanted to achieve. She made a life changing decision to quit her job and join Allianz in 2004.

Started his career as a part-time air conditioner technician and a door-to-door salesman selling education materials and household product.

• Unstable income
• Faced countless rejection
• Stagnant career progression
• Long working hours

At the age of 20, Norman joined the insurance industry. However, Norman found himself having difficulties to grow his business.

Chin Sun’s humble beginnings saw him venturing into many different areas such as sub-construction, food supplier, and managing entertainment center.

He aimed to be successful. Although venturing into different areas, he is still far from reaching his dream. In 1987, he decided to begin his career as a runner for a prominent horse punter in Singapore.

His journey began in 1995 when he joined insurance industry. Despite achieving outstanding result in a short period of time, he faced several setbacks where he starts to reconsider his career choice.

Before joining Allianz, Mandy

• Owned a small florist in a small town
• Worked as a part-time debt consultant

Life changing decision: decided to join Allianz in 2011 as a full-time agent.


Prior to joining Allianz, Kok Fai was an aircraft technician in Singapore.

• Long working hours to fulfill company
• A stressful working environment in
   ensuring the safety of the aircraft


Kok Wah graduated from USM with a 1st Class Degree in Material Engineering. After graduation, he worked as R&D engineering in AMSTEEL.

• Slow career progression and income
• Long working hours to meet deadlines


Before joining Allianz, Shirley was an account & admin officer. At the same time, she was also a part time insurance agent.

In 2005, her company decided to move the entire business to China and offered her to continue her employment in China with a good package. She’s at a crossroads where she needs to make a choice of either continue with the employment or be a full-time agent.

Before joining Allianz, Kim Fang was an engineer in the telecommunication industry.

After 13 years of working as an engineer, she realized that this isn’t the career path for her. There was no salary adjustment as well as personal development. She felt insecure and she knew that she needs to make a life changing decision.

Lily was a sales representative in a painting company before joining Allianz.

• Salary increment was very slow
• Stagnant career progression


Swee Boon graduated from University Malaya (2008), and was offered position as auditor posting in KPMG Singapore.
However, he rejected the offer due to:

• Slow income growth in the corporate
• Slow career development
• Preferred a career that have control
   over time and money

East Malaysia

Prior to joining Allianz, Christi was a tuition teacher and a part-time dancer.

• Slow increment & financial instability
• Confined to local holiday destination
   and holidays


Lina graduated from United Kingdom. After graduation, she started her career as an administration and account executive.

• Average working hour: 10 – 12 hours
   per day
• Sometimes, she had to work on
   weekend during the peak period
• Slow income growth and progression


Before joining Allianz, Xi Dee was a businesswoman.

• Partnership for franchising in F&B
   - Worked continuously for more than 10
      hours per day.
   - Partners sold off the business and ran
      away with all the money
• Realized that this is not the lifestyle she
• Returned to Malaysia and started her
   own business
• Due to economic downturn, she was
   unable to sustain her business anymore
   and that is when she decided to make a
   life changing decision

Seok Pheng was degree holder and in search of her first job. She realized that the existing market could only offer.

• Average working hour: 10 – 12 hours
   per day

She is aware that she will not be able achieve the lifestyle she wants


Before joining Allianz, Amy worked as a direct sales agent for 24 years.

• Income growth had its limitation
• Long working hour


Before joining Allianz, Huey Chyun was an owner of a boutique for more than 10 years.

• Long working hour
• Hardly closed her shop and travel with
   her family & friends
• Income depends on business sales


Before joining Allianz, Jackson worked as an engineer in a factory.

• Graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical
   Engineering (Hons)
• Annual salary increment of RM50 –
• Inspired by parents lifestyle despite the
   highest education qualification is only
   MCE / SPM
• Realized that the salary will never be
   able to catch up with his parent and
   decided to quit the job

Before joining Allianz, Jojo was a chemistry teacher in a secondary school, where she taught for 6 years.

• Slow income growth
• Long working hour
• Slow career progression in the
   education line

Siew Cheng started her career as a promoter in a supermarket and later was promoted as a supervisor.

• She then became a sales executive in a
   departmental store
• Slow income growth Long and unstable
   working hour