Homeowners Insurance

Give your home the protection it deserves with our house-related insurance and protection plans

  • Freedom to choose and customise
  • Consisting of five components namely HouseOwner (Building), HouseHolder (Content), Mortgage Loan Installment Protection, HomeFix and Landlord Insurance
  • Potential help save more on premiums
  • Covers fire, lightning and domestic explosion
  • Covers damages caused by aircraft and impact by vehicles or animals
  • Covers bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes
  • Covers building and / or household contents against fire and lightning
  • Pays Emergency Relief Benefit 
  • Covers personal accident for death, permanent disablement and funeral expenses of the insured or one immediate family member
  • Full Theft Coverage
  • Covers Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement
  • Domestic Medical Assistance Programme

There is no real difference between home insurance and house insurance, the difference can be better understood to be between building insurance and building contents insurance.

Owning a valuable asset like a house is an outstanding achievement, and with that comes the need for sufficient protection to prevent mishaps that might catch you off guard. Whether your house is for your own accommodation or for renting out as a landlord, you should make sure you have protection for the building structure should anything happen to damage it.

Our home is where we establish a shelter to keep us and our belongings safe and secure. As much as our homes are a safehouse, there are times when unexpected incidents might happen, such as fire, burglary, flood, or even physical damage by your tenants and many others. This could result your house and its contents to be damaged or in the latter's case, even stolen.

In the case of property for rental purposes, you might suffer a loss of rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable due to damages both intended and unintended from your tenants. Allianz’s flexible home insurance plan helps you to protect yourself in many ways.

From the top, Allianz’s HouseOwner & HouseHolder home insurance has 2 parts. HouseOwner can cover your residential building, including fixtures, fittings and walls. In the case of landed property, it also covers your gates and fences around the house. HouseHolder insures your household contents and personal effects belonging to you or members of your family. In essence, Allianz’s Houseowner & Householder home insurance plan protects you from named perils, to list a few:

●      Fire, lightning, thunderbolt

●      Domestic explosion

●      Damage from aircraft, vehicles, or animals

●      Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, pipes

●      Theft (Homeguard)

For a more comprehensive solution,  Allianz’s Smart Home Cover allows you to choose and customise your protection based on your needs and your home, offering you a more tailored solution for peace of mind. It offers HomeFix which covers the reimbursement for various domestic home improvement-related issues such as burst pipes, replacement of doors and locks, electrical wiring, and the likes.

Under Smart Home Cover, you are also get Mortgage Loan Installment Protection in the event your property is deemed temporarily uninhabitable, accidental death, or total permanent disablement. Landlords can also subscribe to landlord insurance where malicious damage caused by tenants and runaway tenants resulting in loss of rent will be covered. Furthermore, Allianz will bear legal fees for issuing letters of demand.

Say no more to uncertainty. Check out our comprehensive home insurance plans below and customise an optimum insurance plan that covers every possible unexpected events to your home and belongings:

Allianz Kampungku, which is specially designed for “kampung” houses, insures such houses against fire and flood risks. A specially tailored home insurance plan in view of the high risk of fire due to “kampung” houses are typically located in remote areas that are flood prone and also challenging for fire department to arrive in a timely manner.  This home insurance plan is made to facilitate the nature and circumstances of this type of house and insure against possible risks from its surroundings.
Say no more to uncertainty. Check out our comprehensive home insurance plans below and customise an optimum insurance plan that covers unexpected events to your home and belongings:

Smart Home Cover that has five coverage components to customise which are the building, the content, the loan installment protection, home repairs and maintenance and landlord insurance.

Houseowner & Householder for a comprehensive house insurance plan, whether you are the owner or a tenant.

Allianz Kampungku if you would like to insure your “kampung” house and its contents.

Homeguard to indemnify you against loss or damage by many unexpected events.