At Allianz, we truly care for the needs and aspirations of our employees.
As such, we've built an environment where everyone has the confidence to explore and to grow.
At Allianz, we believe in fostering an environment that encourages learning and growth. We believe that by nurturing the fresh talents of today to their full potential, we'll be able to better serve our customers in the future. For those interested to join Allianz, our doors are always open to you, no matter what your backgrounds are.
Since our formation in 1890, we here at Allianz have been hard at work securing the lives of the public and providing our customers with the courage needed to take the next step. Today, our goal has remained the same - providing you with solid and sustainable solutions and delivering our services with passion every single day.

We chatted with our Team Allianz Malaysia athletes about their experiences at Allianz Sports 2022.  Allianz Sports is Allianz Group’s global multi-sport event held every four years.

This year, the ninth edition was held in Barcelona, Spain featured close to 1,500 passionate Allianz employees from 64 countries.

As a worldwide partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements, Allianz celebrates and empowers our employees’ passion for sports. Join us to shape a better tomorrow together.

By fostering a collaborative leadership style, we are able to develop people to their highest potential. We provide feedback, conduct collaborations and exchange best practices with one another, thereby empowering our teams and providing them with a clear purpose and direction.
We are always on the lookout for individuals who have an entrepreneurial nature. Those who are willing to act on opportunities, take risks, take ownership and responsibility and embrace innovation will thrive within our company.
A team can only function well if there is trust between its members. Integrity, trust, transparency and the ability to honor commitments are the reasons why we are able to foster diversity and inclusiveness.
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. As such, we'll adopt state-of-the-art technical and operation knowledge as part of our goal to achieve customer and market excellence. We also strive for simplification and excellence at every touch point with the customers to give them a better experience.
On being a working mom, finding work-life balance, her career journey, and how she was able to take care of her family.
On work culture, opportunities, career growth, self-development, and her pride in successful achieving certification in career supporting skills.
On building a career with a hearing impairment, the support and inclusivity of his team, and being empowered to pursue his photography. 
Sheena (Customer Service)
I joined Allianz Malaysia three years ago. The past few years have been so exciting for me with the versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks, especially learning about both life and general insurance, as it makes me want to know and learn more about the products. In my opinion, Allianz’s new Employer Value Proposition: We Care for Tomorrow, really reflects on the company’s image of caring for its employee’s ambitions, and challenges they face.
This makes us feel valued and be more dedicated to do our job well. Having experienced this first hand, I can truly say that this company cares for its employees.

Before the first lockdown; I was expecting my first child but had to deal with some complications. A few weeks after delivery, my husband was diagnosed with brain tumour. It was a stressful period in my life. Throughout this, Allianz cared for me and my family’s health. I was given the opportunity to work from home and this allowed me to care for my child and husband. I had to submit claims and leave forms whilst handling this, but it went without any hassle as it was done online with assistance from the managers. I feel fortunate to be able to share my story to show my appreciation. 

Shen Ying (Actuarial Intern)

A great journey, I would say, even though it has only been three months and it was done virtually. Initially even I myself only expect it to be an ordinary internship experience and just to take it as a steppingstone to kick-start my actuarial career life. 

It is common for newbies like me having bunch of questions but shy to reach out to the others, and it might be hard to share our own ideas as well. However, in my team, everyone’s insights are encouraged to be shared – no matter our job title, so even though my questions and thoughts may sound immature, I can still feel that it is valued. Working in a friendly and supportive team is a wonderful experience. Despite being busy, my colleagues are always supportive and I truly realized that I’m fortunate to be in this kind of team, and this experience, I believe, will highly impact both my career and personality development. Speaking of employees’ career development, I feel that Allianz stands out from other companies in this aspect, at least from an aspiring actuary’s perspective.

Dr Hardeep (Medical Advisor, Director)

Allianz senior management is fully committed to improving and maintaining the best possible health for all employees. This can be seen through the level of prevention that we support:

  •  Primary Prevention (promotes health and specific protection)
    - Health education talks (physical and mental health) are held frequently.
    - Control measures during the pandemic that went above and beyond to prevent spread of infection in office.
    - Immunisation programme for Covid-19 vaccine.
  •  Secondary Prevention (focuses on early detection of disease and early treatment)
    - In-house first aid programme and an emergency response plan /evacuation plan.
    - Annual medical examination for staff with specialists review to detect early disease and initiate early treatment as needed .
  • Tertiary prevention emphasises on limiting the impairment by improving rehabilitation
    - Allianz helps to provide long-term care and support in the way of rehabilitation and outpatient treatment to our staff.
    Staff who are permanently disabled are reassessed, and a suitable position with modified job scope is then extended to them.
Pei Jing (Business Development)

Allianz’s Employer Value Proposition: We Care for Tomorrow means differently for everyone. For me, as an employee since 2015, I have seen Allianz continuously providing security amidst the uncertainty of the future, this also enables Allianz employees to be fearless in being creative and proactive in doing their work every day. Although this might sound cliché, but it also carries significant difference and values.

There are many reasons to be excited about my role in Allianz. However, the cake topper for me is the company’s culture. The work environment is so conducive for development as the company provides avenues for employees to hone their skills and knowledge, as well as career progression opportunities. I am proud that that I am part of such a motivated, responsible, and respectful team. Apart from that, Allianz also allows us to work remotely and flexibly. I also noticed that the management advocates and practices work life balance, which encourages us to keep our health and wellbeing in check. Through working here, I’ve met a lot of great people.

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