Medical & Hospitalisation Insurance

Our health and medical card insurance plans offer the best protection for your and the ones you care about

  • A choice of 4 medical plans
  • Annual health screening benefits
  • Enjoy annual premium discount
  • No Overall Lifetime Limit
  • High Overall Annual Limit
  • Flexible deductible option
  • Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit
  • Second medical opinion
  • Seamless experience
  • Daily cash benefit upon hospitalisation
  • Double cash benefit for overseas hospitalisation
  • No Claims Bonus at maturity
  • A choice of 5 medical plans
  • 5 optional deductible plans
  • Coverage available to both individual and multiple insured persons
Also known as health insurance, it is a type of insurance that provides financial protection and assistance in covering the costs of eligible medical expenses.
Medical insurance provides financial protection by assisting the policyholder in reducing the financial burden resulting from the rising costs of medical expenses as well as facilitating access to a wide network of healthcare service providers. Medical insurance grants a peace of mind so that one can focus on maintaining one’s health and well-being without the constant worry of financial hardship in the event of a medical emergency.

Allianz Malaysia’s range of medical insurance plans is designed to provide coverage for all ages. The HealthInsured plan for example provides proactive medical protection for the insured person from as early as a preborn child (13 weeks to 36 weeks into pregnancy), with guaranteed renewable coverage up to 100 years old.

Our medical coverage and value-added services are tailored to be essential for all eligible individuals, including senior citizens in Malaysia.

With the Allianz medical card, by choosing a preferred hospital that is appointed as a preferred panel under Allianz Malaysia, you will gain access to priority for hospital admission and all eligible hospital bills will be settled automatically upon discharge, subject to terms and conditions. Check out our Allianz Locator to discover our comprehensive list of panel hospitals and clinics in every state in Malaysia.
Medical insurance focuses on providing comprehensive medical and health protection but does not include Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage. To explore options available for TPD, please visit our life insurance page.
Please refer to the respective Allianz Malaysia medical plan product disclosure sheets or brochures for details on when the coverage starts after you sign up for a medical plan. An important tip: Look for the ‘Waiting Period’ of the respective insurance plan (if any) that relates to the effective date of coverage.
Some Allianz Malaysia's range of medical insurance plans cover accidents, including accidental events and injuries within their respective scope of coverage.
Allianz medical insurance plan such as the MediAdvantage is an overseas medical plan add-on that complement to your existing hospitalisation and surgical coverage. They provide you with the option to seek overseas medical treatment that may otherwise be too costly.
It is possible to cancel personal medical insurance within a certain period of time. However, by doing so you will lose the medical protection in the time of need. We encourage you to speak to any of our agents prior to doing so to explore any other available options.
A medical insurance plan is an essential component of financial planning that mitigates the risk of unexpected medical costs. Allianz provides comprehensive medical insurance plans that are innovative and flexible for better affordability and premium savings.

Critical illnesses like cancer can be debilitating both physically and mentally.  As such, medical coverage during such trying times can offer an invaluable peace of mind.

Allianz’s HealthInsured is an all-in-one medical card for comprehensive medical coverage. It also features extensive cancer coverage, including genomic testing. Allianz Life Hospital & Surgical medical card holders are also entitled to benefits offered by Allianz Blue Ribbon Hospitals, such as priority admission & discharge, upgrade of room & board, parking privileges and more. 

With a high overall annual limit of up to RM5,000,000 and no overall lifetime limit, Allianz’s HealthInsured prepares you for the unexpected. In addition, our International Second Medical Opinion (ISMO) allows you to obtain a second medical opinion regarding your diagnosis, helping you make informed decisions. 

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is the need for staying ahead of uncertainties. With Allianz’s HealthInsured, you can be assured that you have full COVID-19 coverage for cases under Category 3, 4, and 5 for Plan 200 and above. The previous shortage of beds due to a surge in cases has also highlighted the importance for medical care at all times, with Allianz’s Care@Home, you can enjoy value-added benefits such as medical-assisted attention in the comfort of your home. In addition, Allianz’s Care@Home also covers home dengue management. 

There are certain illnesses that require foreign expertise that may not be readily available in Malaysia. Venturing out of Malaysia to seek for specialised treatment can be both costly and complicated due to travelling and accommodation arrangements.

Allianz’s MediAdvantage is a comprehensive medical plan that is specially curated for overseas medical expertise, offering a seamless experience for you and your travelling companion(s).

To further supplement your loss of income in case of inability to work during medical treatment, Allianz i-HospitalCash is a pure protection plan that pays daily cash income upon local hospitalization and double cash income for overseas hospitalization for up to 750 days. 

Get yourself medically insured with Allianz. Check out our comprehensive medical and hospitalisation coverage below.

Allianz Health Insured for complete medical coverage.

Allianz MediAdvantage for overseas coverage.

Allianz i-HospitalCash for cash benefits during hospitalization.

Allianz MediCure for customisable medical coverage.

Allianz Diabetic Essential for medical plans tailored for diabetics.