Critical Illness Insurance

Our critical illness insurance plans ensures that we'll be there for you when you face the greatest hardship life has to offer

  • Coverage on 36 critical illnesses
  • Coverage up to age 100

  • Coverage on 70 critical illnesses
  • Protection against 7 additional critical illnesses for those below the age of 19
  • Coverage up to age 100
  • Provides additional medical insurance coverage upon the first diagnosis of Carcinoma-in-Situ / pre-cancerous lesions
  • Provides financial protection upon the first diagnosis of Carcinoma-in-Situ / pre-cancerous lesions
  • Early or advanced stage cancer coverage
  • 3 plans to suit different levels of cancer protection needs
  • Lump sum health care allowance
  • Coverage on more than 150 critical illnesses
  • Diabetes and Cancer Recovery Benefit
  • Mental Health Coverage for mothers
  • Child Development Disorder Benefit
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Benefit
  • Coverage for female-related cancers
  • Coverage for female-related illnesses

Prepare for life's unforeseen challenges by securing your financial future with Allianz's critical illness insurance plans. These plans provide comprehensive financial protection, ensuring you and your family can focus on a path of recovery should a critical illness strike.

Allianz offers seven critical illness plans tailored to meet different needs and situations.

Being diagnosed with cancer or one of the many critical illnesses can be a frightening experience, taking a significant toll on both emotional and financial situations. Such burdens may catch someone off guard and overwhelm the patient and their family. By choosing HealthCover, you get a necessary financial safety net, ensuring robust financial coverage for yourself and your loved ones.
HealthCover offers comprehensive coverage for 36 critical illnesses, such as cancer and heart attack, with coverage for up to the age of 100. This plan provides financial safety, allowing you to focus on recuperation instead of financial worries should illness strike.
For more extensive coverage, HealthCover Plus covers 70 critical illnesses, including an additional 7 critical illnesses for individuals under 19.
The HealthCover Enhancer is a rider that you can attach to either HealthCover or HealthCover Plus. It offers additional medical insurance coverage and financial protection upon the first diagnosis of Carcinoma-in-Situ or pre-cancerous lesions.
Selecting the right critical illness insurance plan can be a life-changing choice for you. By exploring and understanding the wealth of plans at Allianz Malaysia, you can make an informed decision, ensuring your chosen policy meets your needs.
Designed to provide coverage for cancer patients in early or advanced stages, Allianz i-CancerCover provides three different plans to suit various levels of cancer protection needs. A lump sum health care allowance is given upon diagnosis of cancer.
Prime Care+ offers extensive protection, covering over 150 critical illnesses from the Early to Advanced stages. This plan helps you seek early treatment before a covered critical illness worsens.
PreciousCover an BabyCover focus on the unique coverage needs of mothers and babies. They include mental health coverage for mothers, child development disorder benefits, and prenatal and postnatal hospitalisation benefits.
Lady Guard provides specialised coverage for female-related cancers and illnesses, such as breast cancer or cervix uteri. The plan allows them to plan ahead in coping with medical costs, financial constraints and future uncertainties.

Critical illnesses carry physical and emotional tolls and can cause significant financial strain. Allianz's Critical Illness Plans, including HealthCover, HealthCover Plus, HealthCover Enhancer, Allianz i-Cancer Care, Prime Care+, PreciousCover, BabyCover and Lady Guard, provide comprehensive coverage tailored for every unique need.

We are committed to securing a better future by lifting your heavy burden off, especially on the financial constraints. Don't wait for the unexpected to happen - ensure your peace of mind and contact us today.