Save for the future and
    be rewarded in the present

    Allianz PrimeSaver

    Guaranteed Cash Payment payable starting from the end of the very first policy year

    Notice of

    42nd Annual General

    • Time: 10am
    • Date : 25th May 2016
    • Location: Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur

    Caught in a stressful situation?

    Your A to Z Claims Solution

    • Car Windscreen Repair
    • Car Theft
    • Car Accident

    Build a legacy for your family

    Allianz PremierLink

    • Coverage up to 100 years old
    • Covers death and TPD
    • Affordable premiums

    Get protected against personal

    Allianz Shield

    • Renewal Bonus up to 100%
    • Double Indemnity
    • Cashless hospital admission and

Allianz Motor Claims Process

At Allianz, we are committed in ensuring that your insurance claims is made easy every step of the way so you can continue focusing on what's truly important in your life.

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