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Savings, Investment & Waivers

Worry less about the future of your finances. We can help you achieve your financial goals

  • Investment-linked insurance plan
  • Enjoy a higher payout
  • Affordable plan with high coverage
  • Affordable premium
  • Wide range of premium payment and coverage term
  • Coverage on death and accidental death
  • Diagnosis with any of the specified 36 critical illnesses
  • Maximise your savings and investment
  • Affordable payments from as low as RM20 
  • Attachment of WealthCover with no additional charge
  • Covers your child premium
  • Pays an amount equivalent to the premium amount in the event of the death, total and permanent disability or diagnosis of the 36 critical illnesses
  • Short premium payment term of 8 years
  • Guaranteed Cash Payment starting from the 8th policy year
  • Enjoy extra payout
  • Limited premium payment terms of 6, 10, 15 or 20 years
  • Guaranteed Cash Payment payable from the end of the very first policy year
  • Coverage on death and accidental death