Savings, Investment & Waivers

Worry less about the future of your finances. We can help you achieve your financial goals

  • Diagnosis with any of the specified 36 critical illnesses
  • Maximise your savings and investment
  • Affordable payments from as low as RM20 
  • Attachment of WealthCover with no additional charge
  • Covers your child premium
  • Pays an amount equivalent to the premium amount in the event of the death, total and permanent disability or diagnosis of the 36 critical illnesses
  • Short premium payment term of 8 years
  • Guaranteed Cash Payment starting from the 8th policy year
  • Enjoy extra payout
Savings insurance is a type of life insurance plan that combines the benefits of savings and protection. It offers the policyholder an avenue to grow their savings over time while providing life insurance coverage.

The combination of both savings and life insurance components in one typical savings insurance plan provides clear benefits to the policyholder in terms of setting long-term financial goals, providing financial protection and acting as a source of emergency funds.

The added advantage of having a savings insurance plan is it can function as an investment component to earn potential returns, depending on the type of plan. Additionally, the policyholder may enjoy tax benefits in the form of income tax reliefs and the plan can be incorporated as part of an estate planning process.

Firstly, it is important to define your savings plan and identify your financial objectives and timeframe. With clear goals set, proceed to identify the features of the insurance coverage and the savings plan options, and review the terms and conditions, returns, premium amount, withdrawal, fees and charges, death benefits, tax implications and any exclusions or limitations.

For comprehensive guidance, you may discuss with us at Allianz Malaysia to tailor-make the best plan for you according to your needs.

Investment-linked insurance is a type of insurance product that combines life insurance coverage and an investment component for growth opportunities. It has a few distinct benefits over other types of insurance plans, with added flexibility in terms of changing the amount of sum assured and premium payment schedules and the potential for higher returns compared to a savings insurance plan.
Yes. With Allianz Malaysia, you will have access to a wide range of savings and investment-linked plans that offer many flexibilities to suit your financial goals. Share with us your financial aims and aspirations and we shall tailor-make a plan that meets your needs.
Upon the insured or payor's unfortunate event, we cover basic premiums for continued coverage. This is one of the core features in Allianz PayorCover as an example, waiving premiums for an insured person’s diagnosed specified 36 Critical Illnesses.
Allianz Malaysia’s comprehensive insurance plans are designed to be flexible and adaptable according to your financial goals and circumstances.
To apply for any insurance plans with Allianz Malaysia including savings and investment plans, you may contact an Allianz Life Agent or reach out to us directly at 1-300-22-5542. We will assist you in a comprehensive manner, beginning by understanding your insurance needs and financial goals.
Your life and those of those around you are precious, so are your finances. Have a sound savings plan and make it grow as you progress further in time. Allianz’s comprehensive investment-linked insurance and savings plans bring you one step closer to a brighter outcome.

Allianz UltimateLink is an investment-linked insurance that combines both financial and life protection. Investment-linked insurance is an insurance program with investments incorporated within- so the insurance amount will grow alongside rising medical costs. On top of getting insured, regardless if you are a first time investor or a veteran, an investment-linked plan offers a degree of flexibility and control over your financial security.

Ensuring a secured future, Allianz UltimateLink has a coverage term of up to age 100. It offers protection against death and total and permanent disability (TPD) with a wide range of optional coverage such as medical, critical illness (CI), and personal accidents based on your protection needs. 

With Allianz UltimateLink, you have the choice to invest in one or several of Allianz Life's investment-linked funds with different investment characteristics. This provides you with full flexibility in charting your own financial journey according to your investment style and goals.

To offer you peace of mind amid market volatility, Allianz UltimateLink provides a “Conditional in Force Guarantee '' that guarantees coverage for the first 6 years even if your account value is insufficient to pay the policy charges. In addition, PayorCover will also pay for your insurance premium when you are diagnosed with CI, keeping you protected at a time where you may have limited cash flow.

Get more reassurance with SecureCover that waives the need for you to continue paying your child’s insurance premium in the event of CI or permanent absence. Get SecureCover Plus to waive it for your spouse too.

Allianz PrimeSaver is an insurance savings plan that covers both death and accidental death. An insurance savings plan provides an opportunity to accumulate and save for important milestones while staying protected.  It offers a wide range of coverage and payment terms to suit your level of commitment with guaranteed maturity benefit in the form of guaranteed cash payment. If you are looking for additional flexibility, FlexiSaver allows you to choose your preferred premium payment term of between 3 to 20 years and coverage term of 15, 20, or 30 years, according to your financial needs. 
Build a nest egg and leave a legacy behind with a plan that grows with you. WealthCover allows you to top up your premium as and when you like, where 95% of the amount will be invested in our investment-linked funds, maximising your growth opportunity. If you are looking further into the horizon, Prime Income is designed to give you guaranteed cash payments as high as 5% of the basic insured amount starting from the end of the 8th policy year onwards.

Build a solid protection foundation for a better future. Realise your investments, savings and financial goals with our plans below.

Allianz UltimateLink for a customisable investment-linked insurance that combines both financial and life protection.

WealthCover to maximise in an index-linked fund.

Prime Income for a long-term savings plan plus Death and Total and Permanently Disability (TPD) protection.