Allianz4All Untuk Semua
Allianz4All Untuk Semua is a business transformation journey to embrace Universal Values such as enhanced transparency, greater social responsibility and charitable participation. Through this journey, our goal is to integrate these values into our products. 
We will disclose the specific % of your premiums allocated to a Claims Allocation Fund (CAF), which is a pooling of monies to meet claim commitments.​
We aim to strengthen our social inclusion commitment by providing financial protection assurance that caters to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.
You will also be part of giving back to society by selecting worthy causes to be the beneficiary of the surplus from the CAF.
We pledge to help our communities and we would love to have you to join in together. Any approved surplus in the CAF funds, will be distributed towards charitable causes chosen by the policyholder at the time of application.

Here are some of the charitable causes you can choose from:
Improving access to education.
Enhancing social inclusion and socioeconomic opportunities​.
Support relief activities  related to public health, natural disasters, or emergencies​.
Note: CAF surplus refers to any excess funds available in the CAF after deducting paid and outstanding claims, and statutory reserves over a defined period. The treatment of any resulting surplus from the CAF will vary according to product.
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For the financial year ending on December 31, 2022, the total surplus of CAF (Claims Allocation Fund) contributed from the Allianz4All product to support charitable causes amounted to an impressive RM65,534.51. This significant contribution was made possible by the PerlindunganKu Allianz4All product

The categories of charitable causes are carefully determined based on the preferences of individual policyholders at the time of purchasing the Allianz4All product.

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Charity Category Selected by Policyholders Approximate Percentage  (%)  
No preference  22.53  
Education: improving access to education (“Education”) 12.62  
People with disabilities: enhancing social inclusion and socioeconomic opportunities (“PWD”) 28.39  
Relief: ad-hoc relief for public health, natural disasters, or emergencies (“Relief”) 36.46  
Total 100  

Based on the charity category selected by the policyholders, the Company has allocated the distribution of surplus to the following charity organisations:

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Social Partner


Amount RM


Buku Jalanan Chow Kit (“BJCK”)

Provides equal access to education and healthy growing environment for underprivileged children in the Chow Kit area.


Cahaya Persatuan Pendidikan Anak Cahaya (“Cahaya Society”)

Develops alternative education programs targeting the communities which consists of illiterate children, orphans and less affluent communities in Sandakan, Sabah.



Selangor & Federal Terriroty Association for the Mentally Handicapped (“SAMH”)*

Providing education and training to mentally handicapped children and adults.


Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor (‘Cheshire Home”)*

Provides residential care for residents of all races and religious background who are permanently disabled without any means of income or resources.


Persatuan Mobiliti Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur (“MOBILITI”)*

Operate a “door to door” transport service for wheelchair users. Provides subsidised or free-of charge services for low-income users.




MyKasih Foundation (“MyKasih”)*

Food aid programme and student bursary scheme both use a proprietary technology to channel aid to low-income and indigenous beneficiaries in a cashless manner.


Malaysian Medical Relief Society (“MERCY”)*

Provides medical relief, sustainable health-related development, and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities, in both crisis and non-crisis situation.






*Note: The surplus obtained under the category of “No preference” has been allocated to Education (RM8,282.02) and PWD (RM6,481.94) categories to provide more equal donation among selected Social Partners.