PerlindunganKu Allianz4All​

Safeguarding your health and safety all year round

We believe that everyone deserves to safeguard themselves or loved ones against unexpected events. Now, under the umbrella of the Rahmah Insurance Initiative, PerlindunganKu Allianz4All benefits have been enhanced to provide greater value, not just for you but for the community in need as well all at an affordable premium. It's our way of delivering more meaningful protection to those who need it most. For Bahasa Malaysia, click here.

Death or permanent disablement due to Accident up to RM50,000 coverage
Emergency Relief up to RM750 in the event of evacuation due to flood
Up to RM100 Hospital Income per day up to a maximum 30 days a year due to Accident or Illness
Medical Expenses up to RM750 due to Accident or Illness
1Terms and conditions apply.
Allianz4All Untuk Semua is a business transformation journey to embrace Universal Values such as enhanced transparency, greater social responsibility and charitable participation. Through this journey, our goal is to integrate these values into our products. 
We  will disclose the specific % of your premiums allocated to a Claims Allocation Fund (CAF), which is a pooling of monies to meet claim commitments.​
We aim to strengthen our social inclusion commitment by providing financial protection assurance that caters to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.
You will also be part of giving back to society by selecting worthy causes to be the beneficiary of the surplus from the CAF.
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