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When you travel, you would want to have a worry-free holiday. Allianz travel insurance will protect you and your family during your holidays, overseas or domestic.

Now extended to include COVID-19 coverage
Overseas and domestic travels for you and your family
Death and permanent disablement due to accident
Medical expenses
Travel or luggage delay
Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation programme

Please note that our travel plan for one-way and two-way basis are define as below:

• One-way is a trip that departs from Malaysia to final destination abroad.
• Two-way is a trip that departs from Malaysia and return back to Malaysia.

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Overseas annual adult (RM)
Overseas annual adult (RM)
Death and permanent disablement due to accident
Medical expenses (up to)
Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation (up to)
Deposit or trip cancellation (up to)
Personal luggage or personal effects (up to)
Travel documents (up to)
Luggage delay
200 per 6 hours up to 800
200 per 6 hours up to 800
Travel delay
300 per 6 hours up to 2,000
300 per 6 hours up to 2,000
Sports activity & mountaineering (up to 3,500 metres)
High altitude mountaineering (up to 5,500 metres)
Purchase channel
Online ONLY
Allianz authorized agents
For twenty-four (24) hours worldwide travel emergency assistance, you may contact our authorised representative’s twenty-four (24) hours emergency telephone number.
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Travelling has become more secure and seamless with Allianz travel insurance, a comprehensive protection plan against unexpected incidents during your journey. Whether heading for a domestic holiday or a global adventure, Allianz travel insurance ensures peace of mind, allowing you to relish your trip to the fullest.

An unforeseen event can dampen the spirit of travel, potentially ruining your carefully crafted travel plans. Fortunately, Allianz Travel Insurance gets you covered covers you, catering to your domestic and overseas travel plans. With a comprehensive plan, the product is tailored to your needs, whether for a local excursion or an international expedition.

Allianz travel insurance extends its coverage to encompass conventional risks such as death and permanent disablement due to accidents, trip cancellation, travel or luggage delay, and emergency medical evacuation, providing comprehensive protection for you and your family. It is also extended to include coverage for COVID-19. The travel plan offers two distinct options: one-way travel from Malaysia to your final destination abroad, and two-way travel that ensures your journey from Malaysia and return is secured.

Your time is precious. At Allianz, we facilitate purchasing travel insurance as easily and conveniently as possible. Allianz Travel Easy insurance can be purchased online, a testament to its commitment to customer-centric digital solutions. This feature lets you purchase your travel insurance policy anytime, anywhere, making your travel planning process seamless and hassle-free.
Travel insurance is crucial to any trip, protecting you from unexpected events that could disrupt your whole plan. Allianz travel insurance covers many incidents, whether you're travelling domestically or internationally. The convenience of online purchases for Allianz Travel Easy makes this comprehensive protection just a few clicks away. 

As a trusted insurance provider, Allianz is committed to ensuring your peace of mind, allowing you to focus on creating memorable experiences during your travels. Protect yourself and your trip with Allianz Travel Insurance now! Don't wait for the unexpected to happen - ensure your peace of mind and contact us today. For any travel emergency assistance, contact our authorised representative's 24-hour emergency telephone numbers: CALL +603 7628 3919 or CALL +603 7965 3919