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Before joining Allianz, Huey Chyun was an owner of a boutique for more than 10 years.

  • Long working hour
  • Hardly closed her shop and travel with her family & friends
  • Income depends on business sales

In 2006, she coincidentally attended BOP organized by insurance industry legend 张誉铧博士 and she was attracted to it. She then started her career in the insurance industry together with her spouse Mr. Tey Yee Sin.

  • Time & financial freedom
  • Achieved numerous awards and recognitions
  • A4CC Sapphire Member, provisional 88 times as at August 2021
  • A4CC Silver Premier Member, provisional 32 times as at August 2021
  • COT 1 time (as at August 2021)
  • MDRT 11 times (as at August 2021)
  • Achieved Million Dollar Group
  • Travelling around the world with her husband