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Lina graduated from United Kingdom. After graduation, she started her career as an administration and account executive.

Average working hour: 10 – 12 hours per day

Sometimes, she had to work on weekend during the peak period

Slow income growth and progression

With stagnant career , she decided to make a change and joined Allianz in 2006.

  • Income increases drastically
  • Time flexibility and financial independence
  • Enjoy the lifestyle she could never imagine possible
  • A4CC & A8CC Sapphire Member, provisional 91 times as at August 2021
  • Consecutive 14 times of MDRT (as at August 2021)
  • Consecutive 12 times of MDRT (as at August 2021)
  • Consecutive 19 times of Allianz 5 star Club (as at August 2021
  • Agency manager with 11 agents, yearly production around RM1 million