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Started his career as a part-time air conditioner technician and a door-to-door salesman selling education materials and household product.

  • Unstable income
  • Faced countless rejection
  • Stagnant career progression
  • Long working hour

At the age of 20, Norman joined the insurance industry. However, Norman found himself having difficulties to grow his business.

In 2004, Norman joined Allianz. He proudly formed the Norman Pang Group (NPG) in 2006 with 35 agents and went on to become the fastest growing and most productive life insurance agency in Malaysia.
NPG Agency had since achieved numerous exceptional awards and recognitions.

  • Produced impressive 400 MDRTs from 2006 to 2020
  • Personal achievement: 16 MDRT & 1 COT
  • NPG achieved 12 times (2009-2020) Consecutive Champion of Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad