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Allianz Malaysia Exclusive Cancer Info Kit

Reimagine your medical choices

In 2019, Allianz organised the Reimagine Your Medical Choices Forum, focused on addressing viable options in treatment, protection and care available when facing cancer. One of the protection solutions shared by Allianz Malaysia is HealthInsured.

HealthInsured is a comprehensive medical rider of Allianz UltimateLink that offers extensive cancer coverage which allows customers to gain access to new medical technology in cancer treatment such as genomic testing*, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. In addition to that, there is access to International Second Medical Opinion (ISMO) and Allianz Care@Home as well as high overall annual limit and no overall lifetime limit. The coverage is available across four plans ranging from Plan 150 (overall Annual Limit of RM1,500,000) to Plan 500 (overall Annual Limit of RM5,000,000).

*Available for Plan 200 and above