Be A-Z Ready for Tomorrow​

Discover how you can #AlwaysBeCovered and future ready with us! 
Continue the pre-retirement life like a boss and maintain high-energy lifestyle.
Enjoy the romance and indulgences; spend quality time with loved ones.
Being debt-free, protect your independence from financial distress.
Lend a helping hand to others, support and leave a legacy for your loved ones.
Get your medical bills covered with healthcare fund and enjoy life without worry.

Don’t worry, there’s still time! The sooner you start planning, the more prepared you will be, and the easier it will get, especially on unforeseen rainy days.

All your years spent building a career have no doubt contributed to your hard-earned savings, but retirement is not just about saving money. It also covers your need to take care of your loved ones, having sufficient protection, and more. While this concept of sustainable retirement may seem foreign to us, it’s never too late to start planning for a truly worry-free retirement.

Take the first step to discovering your aspired lifestyle today!

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It’s better to be prepared and winning in life.

Find out how you can achieve your aspired life with our Future Planner.

Meet the protection plans that cover you from A – Z. Give yourself and your loved ones some peace of mind when unexpected happens.
A medical plan that cares for your needs.        
  • No Overall Lifetime Limit & High Overall Annual Limit of up to RM5 million
  • Extensive Cancer Coverage including access to genomic testing and extended out-patient cancer treatment cover
The road to recovery is made smoother with good support.
  • Coverage on more than 150 critical illnesses
  • Diabetes and Cancer Recovery Benefit to help you recuperate and regain your ability to move on with your life planning
Our best life insurance plan now offers even better protection.
  • Our first investment-linked insurance plan with built-in CI Relief Benefit
  • Boost your Policy Account Value and enjoy a higher payout with Prime Booster
All-in-one plan for peace of mind. 
  • Protection and investment in one plan
  • Insurance protection up to age 100
Your legacy is your family’s future.
  • Increasing Insured Amount to protect your legacy against inflation
  • Guaranteed Maturity Benefit to preserve your wealth for your future generation
Financial planning and savings are crucial, and we want to ensure you will get good returns. Besides, having enough to maintain the aspired retirement lifestyle is vital.
Take advantage of this long-term savings while enjoying short term rewards.
  • Potential to reap higher investment returns 
  • Guaranteed cash payment which payable starting from the end of the very first policy year 
Protect the life you currently have with our lifestyle-related plans.
Enjoy complimentary Allianz Road Rangers Roadside Assistance services with a reliable protection.
  • Covers losses or damages to your car due to accident, fire and theft
  • Covers Third Party death and bodily injuries

Simply the smartest home cover.

  • Freedom to choose and customize.
  • Consisting of five components namely HouseOwner (Building), HouseHolder (Content), Mortgage Loan Installment Protection, HomeFix and Landlord Insurance
A 24/7 worldwide personal insurance protection.n against accidents that will ensure you peace of mind.
  • Up to *50% Discount for family cover
  • High coverage of up to RM3 million for accidental death and permanent disablement
Discover and experience what the world has to offer without worries.
  • Covers you and your family when you travel domestically or overseas
  • Covers medical expenses.
Prioritising your wellbeing, because we Care Bersama!
  • Virtual healthcare benefits
  • Wellness, lifestyle & other rewards
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