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Kuala Lumpur, 08 Jan 2021

Starting a family is an exciting experience for couples, but while dealing with the trepidation and preparing for the upcoming financial obligations, some may overlook the importance of medical insurance coverage. 

Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad Chief Product Officer Ooi Haw Yun believes it is essential for couples to add insurance protection into the equation right from the start.

“Starting a family is a long-term commitment. And as with any significant life event, it requires thoughtful consideration, especially in planning how you will spend your money. While prenatal check-ups and preparing for the baby’s arrival will take precedence, having adequate protection for your new family should be non-negotiable,” said Haw Yun. 

“Always look for medical protection that not only provides you with adequate cover but is also affordable, flexible, and has your future needs in mind. Re-examine your coverage from time to time as well to ensure that you have the best cover to match your changing needs and the needs of your family,” added Haw Yun. 

Allianz Life’s MediSafe Infinite+, the primary medical rider of Allianz PowerLink; a protection focused Investment-Linked Plan, is perfect for young families. It offers comprehensive hospitalisation and surgery coverage available across seven plans, from Plan 150 (RM150 Room and Board) with an Overall Annual Limit of RM850,000 to Plan 500 (RM500 Room and Board) with an Overall Annual Limit of RM2,500,000. It also allows for pre-born entry (14-35 weeks into pregnancy). 

Ooi Haw Yun, Chief Product Officer of Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad
MediSafe Infinite+ offers extensive cancer coverage with access to new medical technology in cancer treatment such as genomic testing, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy. On top of that, policyholders will have access to Global Expert Medical Opinion (GEMO) as well as a high overall annual limit and no overall lifetime limit. 

With MediSafe Infinite+, policyholders can also enjoy a no claim refund of up to 20 percent of the cost of insurance if no claim is made during the policy year. Furthermore, policyholders also have the flexibility to choose a Deductible Option of RM5,000, RM10,000, or RM30,000 to suit their protection and affordability needs, especially if they already receive some medical coverage from their employer. Deductible plans also offer a Retirement Option that converts the policyholder’s deductible to zero deductible at the age of 60 for an added layer of protection into their retirement years.

To learn more about MediSafe Infinite+, visit 
Medisafe Infinite+ or explore your options by speaking to an Allianz Life agent.