Allianz Motor Comprehensive

We have now enhanced this product under the umbrella of the Rahmah Insurance Initiative with additional benefits
Motor Comprehensive insurance covers your car against liabilities to other parties for death or bodily injuries, damages to other parties' properties, accidental or fire damages to your car and theft of your car. Now, under the umbrella of the Rahmah Insurance Initiative, you can enjoy extra benefits with no additional charges. For Bahasa Malaysia, click here.
Losses or damages to your car due to accident, fire and theft
Third Party death and bodily injuries
Third Party property losses or damages
Extended benefits
Access to amazing benefits like Allianz Road Rangers1
1Terms and conditions apply.
Death and Permanent Disablement Benefit up to RM5,000
Hospital Income up to RM3,000
Compassionate Flood Coverage with a one-time payout up to RM3,000
For vehicles with an engine capacity of 1500cc and below and a Sum Insured of RM30,000 and below only.
Allianz Road Rangers is a nationwide motor accident assistance, provided free-of-charge to all Motor Comprehensive (Private car) policyholders. It aims to transform the motor claims journey to ensure customers experience a fast, easy and seamless journey when making an accident claim. To learn more about the Allianz Road Rangers service, please click the button below.
 Allianz Motorcycle Plus (Comprehensive) and Allianz Motorcycle (Comprehensive) policyholders also enjoy complimentary Allianz Road Rangers Roadside Assistance services. The only number you’ll ever need on the road, save us on your speed dial today.

Motor comprehensive insurance, also referred to as comprehensive car insurance, is a type of auto insurance that offers extensive coverage for your vehicle in various scenarios, including accidents, fire, theft, vandalism, and other damages. It provides comprehensive protection for a wide range of incidents.

For Allianz motor comprehensive insurance, private car policyholders will be exclusively entitled to the Allianz Road Rangers benefit which comes complimentary. This best-in-class service is designed to enhance roadside assistance and support for our policyholders nationwide, ensuring a safe and swift return to the road.

Motor comprehensive insurance provides coverage for own vehicle damage as opposed to third-party insurance with a variety of coverage options for peace of mind. In Malaysia, it is mandatory for a vehicle owner to at least have third-party liability insurance.
Yes, it is mandatory to have at least third-party car insurance in Malaysia. The potential penalties for driving without car insurance may lead to fines, suspension of driver’s license and unable to renew road tax.
In addition to the standard coverage for car insurance, there are optional features and benefits that you can include based on your specific coverage needs. Since car insurance renewal is an annual process, review the types of coverage you require and their corresponding premium charges to align with your risk profile.
The defining features of a motor insurance company that stands itself apart from others are its financial strength and stability for peace of mind in getting claims, options and flexibility to customise a policy for your specific needs and most importantly, the level of quality when it comes to claims handling process and speed.
The car insurance policy will automatically lapse once you sell or dispose of your car because your insurable interest in the car will cease. If you want to transfer the policy to the new buyer, you must get prior consent from the insurer.
If you have motor insurance with Allianz Malaysia, we have provided a helpful guide with do’s and don’ts for what to do after an accident or theft. You can find the guide on page 5 of our policy here.
Want to know more about our car and motor insurance through our contact form? As a car and a motor owner, having good comprehensive car & motor insurance coverage in Malaysia is like having a guardian that always has your back; managing post-accident situations smoothly from the point of impact to getting your vehicle back to resume your daily life. 

The most basic form of insurance in Malaysia is a third-party insurance coverage which covers the other individual’s damage or loss because of an accident caused by your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance coverage provides additional protection as it covers both you and the third party.

There is typical insurance, and then there is Allianz comprehensive insurance. If you are looking for comprehensive protection for your vehicle, Allianz Car & Motor Comprehensive Cover Insurance, featuring Allianz Road Rangers, is as comprehensive as it can be.

No matter the form of vehicle, when an accident happens, Allianz Road Rangers will ensure that you are taken care of throughout the whole journey, ensuring a seamless experience with round-the-clock 24-hour helpline assistance.
Allianz Bike Brigade will arrive first at the location and provide initial assistance, including first aid if necessary. Allianz Tow Truck will then be deployed at the same time to tow your damaged vehicle to the police station. Our claims concierge service will guide and explain to you while we keep you company in the police station. After that, we will tow your car to an Allianz Authorised Panel Repairer or a franchise workshop upon request while providing an e-hailing voucher for you to get home safely.

Allianz Authorised Panel Repairer comes with a 2-year service warranty and genuine replacement parts. Allianz will ensure our panels are qualified under PIAM Approved Repairer Scheme (PARS) whenever possible. All Allianz Motor Private Car Comprehensive policyholders (with windscreen coverage) can also enjoy on-site repair services for cracked or damaged windscreens with genuine glass replacements that come with a lifetime warranty. For certain selected Own Damage (OD) claims, the whole approval process can be as fast as 10 minutes.

Start enjoying Allianz Road Rangers benefits today. Reach out to us directly via the contact form below.