During outpatient visit, if the doctor has confirmed that a hospital admission or day surgery is required, please sign the Admission Form available at the Hospital Admission Counter on the same outpatient visit date. Subsequently, the hospital will request Guarantee Letter (GL) from Allianz’s Third Party Administrator. This will eliminate the waiting time for GL issuance on the actual admission day.
The list of Panel Hospitals is available herePlease note that the list is subject to change. For corporate plans, specific Panel Hospitals may be appointed by employers, please refer to your Human Resource Department for more information.
There may be some non-participating doctors in the Panel Hospitals. For more information, please call the Allianz’s Third Party Administrator (TPA) stated on your medical card.
For Individual Customers: 1-800-88-1311, 03-7954 4629
For Corporate Customers: 1-800-88-8019, 03-7628 3600
For Corporate Customers: 1-800-87-7928, 03-7843 9459
No, the medical card services are only applicable to Panel Hospitals in Malaysia.
Upon receiving complete documents from the hospital, the Guarantee Letter will be processed within 45 minutes for straightforward cases. However, if the documentation or information received is incomplete, it may take longer or until the necessary documentation has been received.
Yes, upon approval of Guarantee Letter, customer will be notified via SMS if mobile number is provided on the Admission Form.
Some hospitals may request for deposit as part of the admission requirement. However, the deposit will be refunded by the hospital after deducting the non-covered charges.
Yes, however you need to pay the difference of amount incurred (excess Room and Board charges), and a Co-Payment if applicable.
The doctor has to complete the medical report, before hospital staff can prepare the bills and fax to Allianz’s Third Party Administrator for assessment. The whole process may take several hours, subject to the hospital’s available resources.

There could be several reasons when you have to settle the bill, just to list a few:

  • Policy lapsed/terminated
  • Outpatient, pre-hospitalisation or post-hospitalisation treatment
  • Hospitalisation at non-panel hospital or non-participating doctor
  • Hospitalisation outside of Malaysia
  • Admission for investigation or diagnostic purpose
  • Exclusions under the policy terms and conditions

You may settle the bill with the hospital and submit a claim for reimbursement consideration, subject to your policy’s terms and conditions.

You may request for the Discharge Notice / Notification of Excess Charges from hospital personnel, which indicates the breakdown for non-covered charges.

Step 1: Claim Document Requisition

Claimant's Statement and Medical Report can be downloaded from here (for Individual Claims) or here (for Corporate Claims).

Step 2: Completion of Claim Document

Claimant’s Statement should be filled in by the Claimant. Medical Report should be filled in by the treating doctor. Please include the relevant supporting documents listed under Document Checklist.

Step 3: Claim Submission

For Individual Claims, kindly submit via your agent, or to the nearest Allianz Life Branch. For Corporate Claims, kindly submit via your Human Resource Department.

Kindly submit the E-Payment Authorisation Form if you have not done so previously. We will credit all living claims payment to the bank account provided. 

If you would like to change the account details, kindly submit a new form. Please include a copy of NRIC / Passport and bank statement / first page of bank account passbook with account details for verification purpose.

  • Advocates and Solicitors
  • Allianz’s Branch Staff
  • Bank Officer (for MRTA Claims)
  • Human Resource Officer (for Corporate Claims)

We shall notify you through a Deferment Letter.

Please note that the Document Checklist serves as a reference. We reserve the right to request for other documents and information.

Yes, you may file a claim for reimbursement consideration, subject to policy’s terms and conditions. Please note that:

  • Cost of treatment is payable based on general level of charges in Malaysia.
  • Cost of transport to the place of treatment is excluded.
  • No benefit shall be payable should you reside or travel outside Malaysia for more than ninety (90) consecutive days from the day you leave Malaysia.

Yes, you may submit the following documents to Allianz for possible balance payment:

  • Claimant’s Statement
  • E-Payment Authorisation Form (if not submitted previously)
  • Claim settlement details (indicating non-covered items, amount and reasons) from other insurer
  • Medical Report, Tax Invoices and Itemised Bills/Detailed Bills, certified by other insurer
  • Original Receipts for balance amount
  • Dental Treatment
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and other tests which are not related to the diagnosis
  • Immobiliser/knee support/ankle support/lumbar corset/crutches/wheel chair
  • Eye glasses and contact lenses
  • Routine medical examination or body check-up
  • Supplements/vitamins
  • Extra meal, lodger
  • Locker, telephone charges, newspapers, valuable envelope

Please note that this list is non-exhaustive. For more information, please refer to the Exclusion List in your Policy Contract.

Please note that these fees are covered based on the general price set by Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act. For more information, please refer to the Fee Schedule.
Disclaimer: The answer provided for FAQ serves as a general guide and is subject to policy terms and conditions.