Did you know that Malaysia is home to many fun-filled theme parks? Whether you are planning for the school holidays, a family day outing or a getaway with friends, there are many amusement parks, each with their own exciting quirks and attractions, across the country to keep you and your loved ones entertained.

If you are unsure where to start, these are 10 theme parks in Malaysia that should go on your list!


  1. legoland.com.my | Image: Flickr/ phalinn
  2. puteriharbour.com/play/sanrio-hello-kitty | Image: cuti.my
  3. sunwaylostworldoftambun.com | Image: Flickr/ phalinn
  4. escape.my | Image: penang.ws
  5. afamosa.com | Image: cuti.my
  6. sunwaylagoon.com | Image: Edmund Nigel Gall
  7. berjayatimessquarethemeparkkl.com |Image: Flickr / Roller Coaster Philosophy  
  8. bgrc.com.my | Image: Flickr/ phalinn  
  9. Image: mapsperak.com
  10. Image: themeparx.com/20th-century-fox-world-malaysia 

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