Owning your own home is an impressive feat, but those who actually manage to lock down a place for themselves might find that they might not know so much about proper home care. Sure, most of us had our own chores and responsibilities growing up, but you probably never realize what the full picture was like.

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is to sort through mail but it is important. You need to be clear on what your obligations are and take steps to pay them a timely manner. Set up e-billing and auto-payments for whatever possible. Make use of checklists, reminders and alerts.

Property tax, monthly utility and maintenance bills are just some of the commitments that come with being a home owner. If you took a mortgage loan out on your property, you will also need to make sure you pay your installments. For instance, your mortgage loan installment payment could incur expensive late fees or you could even risk losing your home.

Your home appliances give you great convenience but don’t take them for granted. For example, some high-rise property residents might be using dryers instead of sun drying their laundry. Dryers can be a blessing during those rainy, hazy days but a potential danger lurks within. A little bit of lint gets trapped in your dryer’s vent every time you use it. Not only will this make your dryer inefficient in the long run, it may also turn into a fire hazard.

Whether it’s your refrigerator, washing machine, or air conditioner, most modern household appliances will have care instructions specific to their model online. While some might just need a simple clean or wipe down (be sure to turn it off if you need to!), the more complicated machines might need a licensed professional to handle them.  

If you own a new home, you might not feel the pressure as much, but owners of older homes have to play catch up on upkeep and maintenance. If you are time poor or don’t have the expertise, it’s good to know that there are experienced professionals out there.  Allianz HomeFix covers the reimbursement of certain home repairs and services with Allianz Partners.

You could get a paint job, seek the help of a pest control expert or investigate your roofing, just to name a few. There’s also a domestic help allowance which can be used for a thorough spring clean! Find out more details about Allianz Smart Home Cover.

We would argue Allianz Smart Home Cover is the best home insurance Malaysia has at the moment for because of how customizable it is. A kind of home insurance Malaysia has not seen before where you pick and choose the coverage that you want. Just to illustrate how it would be relevant, depending on your coverage:

Appliances which caught fire could be replaced under householder insurance (also known as home content insurance).

Parts of the house damaged by fire could be rebuilt under houseowner insurance (also known as homeowners insurance).

The Mortgage Loan Installment Protection insurance covers monthly loan installments if it could not be paid due to an insured event.

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