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If you're reading this because you're expecting a child, then congratulations on the great news! With your baby on the way, you’re probably wondering what you will be going through during your journey to motherhood. There are different supplements to take and a particular diet to follow, to ensure your child gets the nutrients needed for proper development. Then there are check-ups to go to, and vaccines to take, amongst all these things which you should be doing. Here's a more manageable shortlist of what you need to do to protect you and your baby's wellbeing during pregnancy.
It's definitely good to be taking all the necessary precautions, but what if you have concerns beyond what's listed? The right insurance plan could help. Lady Guard offers protection against female specific illnesses and comes with optional Pregnancy and Maternity Benefits. Want something more tailored for your child? Child Guard offers protection even before childbirth, as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy.

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