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The life expectancy for Malaysian women has risen considerably in recent years, reaching 78.6 years in 2015. However, although women can expect to live longer lives that men (72.4 years in 2015), this doesn't necessarily mean that they enjoy healthier lives. In fact, women are at higher risk of developing certain diseases than men, though these diseases may be preventable by making healthy lifestyle changes. Here, we look at some of the biggest health concerns that Malaysian women face, and strategies for prevention or risk reduction.

Sometimes, life doesn’t on go as planned and we remain susceptible to ailments and illnesses especially when we grow older. However, having the right insurance coverage can be an enormous relief to us and our loved ones in combatting these illnesses.

Hence, Critical Illness Insurance will be able to provide serenity and security so that all efforts can be focused on what really matters—getting better.

In addition to that, women face the risk of various other diseases that may not be covered in certain insurance policies. However, fret not as Allianz’s Lady Guard provides a comprehensive coverage for female-related illnesses such as breast cancer, cervix-uteri as well as pregnancy and infant congenital diseases.

With the right coverage, you can sit back, breathe and live well.

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