Most car owners agree that their car is more than just a vehicle – it is their “baby”. Here are some ways to show your car some tender loving care and ensure that its value can be preserved in the long run.
Keep an eye on the car in case the petrol tank needs filling or anything needs to be replaced. That way, there is a lower chance of it breaking down during a drive. For example, when checking your tires, look out for whether they seem flat as it indicates that the tire pressure needs to be changed. If there is an unusual sound when you hit the brakes, the brake pads might be worn out and need to be replaced. Broken headlights must also be fixed as they can be a potential hazard.
Getting a professional to service the car helps to uncover potential issues. Not only is this an assurance of security, it helps to increase the lifespan and value of the vehicle. Be sure to have serviced at an authorised outlet or a trusted mechanic. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine when the next date of service would be.

The longer a car goes without being properly cleaned, the more dirt and grime it would attract. Accumulated dirt gradually chips the paint away and exposes the metal beneath it. Once the rusting process begins, getting rid of it is difficult and costly. Acidic bird droppings that are left uncleaned can also cause the paintwork to wrinkle.

Clean both the exterior and interior of the car at least once a week. It is sensible to wash it with specially-designed car cleaning products which are better suited for the car. When wiping it down, use a microfiber cloth or sponge to avoid scratch marks. Show your car off by keeping it presentable, inside and out.

The only thing worse than having an emergency on the road is realising that you don’t have anything to get yourself back on track. Essentials to have in your car include a spare tire, jumper cables, a bottle of water, basic repair tools, and copies of important documents like the car registration, medical information, proof of insurance and car repair information. Better safe than sorry!
Sometimes what happens to your car may not be your fault. While it’s already a given that your car would be insured, getting the right one makes a difference. Car insurance ensures that you will be protected in case your car is damaged during an accident. On top of that, some companies offer roadside assistance plans in case of break downs, with additional services such as free unlimited towing distance. This means that you can have your car towed to the panel workshop of your choice.
An unused car is an unloved car. Even if you don’t drive it often, remember to start the engine at least once a week, or every few days for older models. This prevents the battery from losing its charge. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a sticky situation when the car wouldn’t start!

The condition of the car depends on its driver. Recklessness on the road puts both the car and driver at a higher risk of accidents. In fact, Malaysia recorded 489,606 road accidents and 6,706 fatalities in 2015, an increase from the year before.

It goes without saying that safe driving is a must. This includes sticking to the speed limit, avoiding distractions, driving at the right distance and staying off the wheel when fatigued or after consuming alcohol. Stay safe to ensure you and your car are both well cared-for.

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