As women, we experience our own unique set of obstacles. Of course, we’ve come a long way since the early years of the women’s rights movement and have become much more independent. But even though we’re in a much better state now, women still face a lot of day-to-day frustrations, especially when it comes to driving! That’s why we’ve decided to come up with a list of things only our fellow Malaysian female drivers can totally relate to. Just remember, ladies! You’re not alone in the struggle!
This is just a tired old stereotype that every female driver is sick of hearing. Why do we need to keep generalising an entire group of people based on an old stereotype that isn’t even true in the first place?!
Guys, road hazards can be crazy ok? Sharp debris and nails from construction/demonlition projects, uneven roads and potholes, the list goes on. There's plenty out there to wreck your tyres if you’re not careful. Please don't make it about us being bad drivers!
Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean you need to be rude when we try to be nice okay? Put your faith in us and we’ll get you there safe and sound!
Let’s face it, it’s hard out there for lone women drivers. Whenever we’re out at odd hours, countless horrible scenarios play in our minds, and we spend our entire drive praying that nothing happens!
This is another instance where scary scenarios pop up in your heads. You know the drill, ladies! Be alert, walk at a fast pace, have a tight grip on your purse and always be prepared to defend yourself.
Channeling your inner Wolverine whenever you are walking alone! Thank goodness there are parking spots designated for ladies now!
Bless those friends who go out of their way to accompany us single female drivers to our cars because they are fully aware of how dangerous it is for girls to walk to their cars alone. And we’d return the favour by dropping them off in front of their cars!
It seems like we get road bullied more because they think they can get away with it. Some are touts who try to extort money while others just have serious anger issues. In both cases, it’s a shame that they behave like monsters to get their way. It’s best to avoid road bullies especially if there are young ones in the car. If necessary, drive calmly to the nearest police station or public place (if it’s urgent) and get help.
This is certainly every lone woman driver’s nightmare, for sure. Thankfully though, there are a lot of ways to overcome this.
One way you can improve your safety as a female driver is to buy breakdown insurance. Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior can be bought online in under 5 minutes and includes benefits like : 24 hour service to tow your car for free with no distance limitations; free car replacement; personal accident coverage; even assistance and reimbursement for hotel accomodation. It's an extensive plan determined to keep you feeling safe.

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