We all know someone who seems a little bit too attached to his or her car. You know the type; they'll have cringe-worthy pet names for their cars, threaten to kick you out should you bring in any food or drink, and in the event of minor bumps and scrapes on the road, apologize profusely to their four-wheeled loves, rather than to the human passengers in them. And then there's the type who refers to his or her car as a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or other stripes of romantic partnership.

While you probably have a less amorous relationship with your car, your hunk of steel and rubber has more in common with your significant other than you might realize. In fact, treating your car like one could save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Here are a couple of ways your car is like a significant other:

A good partner is one that complements your abilities and matches your needs. Likewise, your car should be compatible with your needs. Before you settle down for the long term, be sure that your needs and wants are adequately matched. For example, will you need a car with a spacious interior? Will you need extra cargo space? What kind of driving will you mostly do – highways or city streets? Assessing your needs will help you avoid incompatibility issues that might surface long after the excitement and novelty of a new car has waned.
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As with choosing a significant other, it can be tempting to pick a car based on looks alone. A sleek body, smooth contours and a delightful rear end are enough to make a prospective car owner march straight to signing the paperwork. Of course, it'll be fun for a while, and you'll turn many envious heads, but eventually you'll tire of its good looks. You may even find flaws that you were too enamoured to notice earlier.

Instead of basing decisions on outward appearances, focus on what your car should offer you beyond the superficial: comfort, security, practicality and dependability. The extra features are nice, but may not be crucial.

Occasionally, of course, you might luck out and find one that possesses both style and substance.

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Dating can be expensive. Meals at restaurants, leisure activities, gifts and so on can cause a dent in your bank account. Depending on the kind of person your partner is, the size of that dent can vary. Some are content with low-cost meals and activities, while others enjoy the finer (and invariably more expensive) things in life.

Similarly, when looking to buy a car, keep in mind that some cars will have higher costs of ownership than others. Beyond the actual price tag of the car, you'll have to weigh the costs of insurance, maintenance and fuel efficiency. Being aware of these costs will help you choose the right car that best fits your budget.

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Ideally, your significant other is someone you can rely on. For many people, a significant other is someone so integral to their lives that it would be hard to function without them. Likewise, your car probably plays a big role in your life – it grants you the freedom to commute wherever and whenever, and allows you to do so in the comfort of a familiar sanctuary. As such, you'll want a car you can rely on every day without fail. If you’re living in fear of when the next break down will happen, it might be time to accept that the relationship getting a new ride. Of course, with Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior, you can be sure that you and your car won't be stranded in the event of a breakdown. Allianz’s 24-hour free and unlimited towing will ensure that your car and your loved one will get to the workshop and destination safely and without hassle.
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A car is a bit like the human body – prone to strange smells, new noises, weird fluid leakages, and other unusual emissions. Additionally, both are susceptible to fluctuations of temperament. To keep everything running smoothly, give your car the care and attention it deserves. Regular checkups should be scheduled, and always be on the lookout for signs of wear.

Sometimes however, the unforeseen happens. If something were to happen, you wouldn't want to abandon what you care about so deeply. Which is why you need an excellent car assistance program, like Enhanced Road Warrior. With unlimited distance emergency towing that's available 24/7, it'll tow your car to your preferred panel workshop or even to your home.

That's not the only thing, your beloved car may run the risk of a break-in, theft, fire hazards and more commonly, an accident. In this light, you should take measures to make sure that you get good motor insurance coverage. A good motor insurance policy like Allianz Car & Motor Comprehensive Cover Insurance will cover loss or damage to your car due to accidents, fire, theft, physical injuries and offer you excellent value-added benefits like Allianz Road Rangers!

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