Allianz Junior Football Camp

An annual football academy organised where 14 to 16 years old Malaysians will compete for the chance to train with FC Bayern Munich

Jan 16, 2020

The Allianz Junior Football Championship (AJFC) Malaysia League is back and like always, there’s everything to play for. The League kicks off this 29 February with matches in Central and Southern region.

Oct 22, 2019

Allianz Malaysia Berhad recently carried out a flood preparedness and fire safety programme for the villagers of Kampung Sungai Lembing, Pahang following a fire incident at the village in August. 

Aug 30, 2019

It is going to be a while before Adam Alif Mustafa and Muhammad Firdaus Amirrudin can live down their experience at the recent Allianz Explorer Camp (AEC) – Football Edition in Munich, Germany.

This year a new format was put in place to increase the players' ball time in a more competitive environment. A league was introduced where 55 teams from three different states in Malaysia, totalling up to more than 650 participants, fought it out over a period of seven weeks. After the first six weeks, 16 teams were chosen to play in the AJFC National Finals over a weekend in June. The participants for both Asian Camp, Bali and AJFC Munich were selected from the Grand Finals, where the top of two teams contested in a full-time game.

Eight participants were sent to Bali, Indonesia for Asian Camp while five others attended AJFC Munich.

Asian Camp participants:

  • Syed Mubarak Bin Sayed Yahaya
  • Yuganes A/L Ganassan
  • Muhammad Hadi Bin Mizei @ Termizi
  • Muhammad Iqmal Hafizi B. Muhammad Sazli
  • Muhammad Najmirul Hakim Bin Abd Halit
  • Furqan Bin Azri
  • Muhammad Syukri Bin MohamadMuhammad Syuaib Bin Mohamad
  • For 2015, a pair of twins from Asian Camp were picked to attend the Munich Camp via the “Wild Card Selection”. Thus, making a total number of participants for Munich Camp five instead of three.
  • Munich Camp participants:
  • Mohamad Izzuddin Bin Roslan
  • Muhammad Amirul Husaini Bin Zamri
  • Thinesvarman A/L Nathan
  • Muhammad Syukri Bin Mohamad
  • Muhammad Syuaib Bin Mohamad

Third year running AJFC in Malaysia! About 700 participants from all over Malaysia came for the selection sessions in Padang SUK, Shah Alam, Selangor, competing to gain the chance to go to AJFC in Munich and Asian Camp, Indonesia. In Asian camp, Nesanthasan won the wildcard to attend AJFC in Munich.

Asian Camp participants:

  • Nesathasan Vivegandran
  • Kamalashari Bin Mukhtar
  • Muhammad Najmi Bin Norhani
  • N Kumaravel M Nalasamy
  • Afiq Asnawi Bin Azizi
  • Wong Yi Fei
  • Alif Emir Bin Ramlan
  • Wan Affandi Bin Wan Mohd Faizal
  • Muhammad Amirul Aiman Bin Mohd Rosdi

Munich Camp participants:

  • Muhammad Adam B. Mohd Rais
  • Linggeswaran A/L Selvarajah
  • Wan Muhd Iqmal Bin Wan Nizar
  • Nesathasan Vivegandran

Allianz Malaysia announced for the second consecutive year their participation to the annual football camp that brings together teenagers from all walks of life. Due to the overwhelming response from Asia in 2012, Allianz held an Asian Camp in Phuket, Thailand. A total of 1,200 Malaysian teenagers turned up at the selection matches in Kuantan and Shah Alam. The judges who carefully evaluated these participants were former national footballers, B. Sathianathan, Shahrin Majid and Rusdi Suparman, as well as Murugan Thurkayan, a representative coach from Allianz. They were judged based on their speed, endurance and football skills.

Through proper selection, the ten best players were chosen to attend Asian camp in Phuket and AJFC Munich.

Asian Camp participants:

  • Amirul Shafiq Bin Mohd Samsuri
  • Linggeswaran A/L Selvarajah
  • Tan Yung Hong
  • Wan Muhammad Iqmal Bin Wan Nizar
  • Muhammad Syarifuddin Bin Johan
  • Muhammad Syamin Asyraf Bin Rosman
  • Muhammad Shahmil Bin Abd Satar

Munich Camp participants:

  • Thibanraj A/L Subramaniam
  • Mohamad Syawal B. Rosman
  • Farid Ashraf Bin Kamarozaman

Allianz Malaysia held the first Allianz Junior Football Camp ("AJFC") in 2012 welcoming about 500 participants from all over Malaysia to compete in a tournament to get a chance of a life time to spend five days at the Allianz Junior Football Camp in Bayern Munich. After a successful launch on 22 May 2012, initiated by CEO’s Jens Reisch and Zakri Khir in Ecoba Damansara, the selections began. Selection matches were played on 14 July 2012, at Padang SUK, Shah Alam. In the first session, players were divided into teams of seven who then competed in a 10-minute trial match. From the first match 39 players were selected to go on to the second session where players played an 11 on 11 match in a 20-minute game. The final match took place on the following day where 22 players selected from the second session played against the Selangor under-17 team. On 15 July 2012, two players, Damien Lim and Luveen Visnu won the first AJFC in Malaysia gaining them the opportunity to go Munich, Germany to train with other players around the world.

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