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Represent A Global Brand

An opportunity to manage your own business with the backing of a global brand.

Why Allianz

Our Allianz agents have a competitive edge in the market with our broad spectrum of personal lines, small to medium enterprise businesses and large industrial risks, a comprehensive network of support and our commitment to fast claim settlements which makes us the best claim paymaster in the industry. Be part of the Allianz family, the brand which is in over 70 countries and has more than 83 million customers.

Your Profession As Allianz Agent

At Allianz General, we are committed to the success of our insurance agents by providing them with the right knowledge and skills for them to manage their own business and be in control of their profit growth. An Allianz General agent has great income potential when it comes to income and job satisfaction, but it does not stop there. Allianz General agents also receive awards for achieving sales milestones and are provided with benefits and compensation as a means of recognition.

How to Become Allianz General Insurance Agent

Join us now! Allianz General has career opportunities in your area. Contact us to become an agent today. Email your full name, phone number, current office and/or home address to Alternatively, you may choose to walk-in to any of the Allianz branches nationwide.