The C-Word is Confidence

Complete Coverage and Confidence from early diagnosis to recovery
HealthInsured is a medical plan with extensive outpatient cancer coverage and Genomic testing to help you make informed decisions on the best course of treatment.
Prime Care+ is a unique critical illness plan that provides extensive coverage from Early to Advanced stages of cancer so that you will have the financial means to continue your journey to recovery.
MediAdvantage is a protection plan that broadens your medical protection. It comes with coverage up to a lifetime limit of USD$4 million overseas medical treatment benefit and more. 

The battle against cancer may be tough, but it’s not one you have to face alone. Through any stage of your journey, whether home or abroad - we’ve got your back. With Allianz, you always have the better, smarter protection in all stages of life with complete Coverage, Confidence, and Care from early diagnosis to recovery.

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