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Allianz BolehCover

Live out your years with confidence and assurance with Allianz BolehCover

With Allianz BolehCover, you can now enjoy coverage in your golden years without adding on to your children's financial burden on final arrangement costs.

Provides up to 2x of the Death Benefit1
Receive 100% of Insured Amount upon policy maturity2
Affordable premiums from as low as RM1.65 per day3
Get covered for your golden years as early as 46 years old up to age 100
Hassle-free enrolment with no health question asked and no medical examination required
Guaranteed and level premium throughout the coverage term

Terms and conditions apply.

Important: This is purely a product summary and if you wish to know more, you may refer to the policy contract or contact us for further details.

12x of the Insured Amount is payable should Accidental Death occur prior to the Life Assured attaining age 71 nearest birthday on the Policy Anniversary. Should Accidental Death occur on or after the Life Assured attaining age 71 nearest birthday on the Policy Anniversary, only 1X of the Insured Amount is payable. 1X of the Insured Amount for Non-Accidental Death is only payable from the 3rd policy year and onwards.

2Upon survival of the Life Assured on the policy maturity (at age 100) while the policy is in force.

3This plan is sold in terms of units, where the premiums payable and Insured Amount are determined based on the number of unit(s) that the policyholder has purchased. Each unit is charged the same premium amount of RM50 per month and the Insured Amount for each unit varies according to the Life Assured’s gender and entry age.

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