We’re looking for people with a passion for helping others. Make what you do for a living matter to your community as an Allianz Life Changer. If you’re ready to begin a purpose-driven career, read on to find out more.

Why be an Allianz Life Changer?

Being an Allianz Life Changer is not just about offering protection to our clients, it’s about making an impact in their lives.

Unlimited Earning Potential

2 out of 3 Malaysians are still uninsured. Take charge of your earning capacity with performance-based earnings.

Work Flexibility

Changing lives begin with changing yours. Spend more time with loved ones and work on your own time.

Job Satisfaction

Find fulfilment in a purpose-driven career that shares your values of helping others. Make a difference and be rewarded for it.


What sets us apart?

Learn directly from experienced mentors as you instil change, one life at a time.


Extensive Mentorship Programme

Learn from top leaders in the industry through comprehensive leadership training. Close your first sale with the help of experienced mentors on-ground.

Swift Career Progression

Start where you are, finish at your destination. Quickly advance from one role to another through the aid of our development programmes.

Access to Resources

Work on personal growth while on the job. Grow your skills with training programmes and opportunities to attend global conferences.

Who are we looking for?

You! As long as you’re ready to learn, earn and mak e a difference in the world that we live in today.

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