What is JomPAY?

JomPAY is a new payment solution initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and developed by MyClear as a national payment initiative. With JomPAY, customers from the current 42 banks of Malaysia eventually can easily pay their payment includes Insurance Premium using their credit card or bank accounts. This service is made available on both internet banking and mobile banking.

Why JomPAY?

JomPAY provides convenience, fast, hassle free and zero cost to you.

  • Convenience - You could pay anywhere and anytime as long as you have an access to internet
  • Fast - You could save your time from traveling and queuing up at our branches
  • Hassle Free - You could set up automatic recurring payments at the same time every month
  • Zero cost - It is free of charge

How can I make my premium payment to Allianz Life via JomPAY?

As long as you have signed up with internet banking service with your bank, you could find JomPAY facility for bill payment. For premium payment via JomPAY, you are required to key in Allianz Life’s biller code, your policy number and amount. Allianz Life’s biller code is 5017. You could make the payment via your current/saving account or credit card.

Where can I find Allianz biller code?

Allianz Life’s biller code is 5017. You could find it in your premium due/reminder notice that has been send to you. Please note that ONLY policy number that met our validation rule is allowed to make premium payment via JomPAY.

Am I subject to a fee for using JomPAY?

No. It is free of charge!

How can I set-up automatic recurring premium payments to Allianz Life via JomPAY?

You are allowed to set-up automatic recurring premium payments. It is very flexible to make changes anytime at your convenience.

Is there any notification to me when Allianz Life received the payment?

Allianz Life will capture your premium payment via JomPAY on the next working day. An official receipt will be issued and sent to your mailing address.

JomPAY FAQ downloadable forms