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An insurance-cum saving plan which puts you in control. You determine how long you want to pay your premiums and how long you want to stay covered to achieve your savings goals.

Product Info

FlexiSaver is a plan designed with total flexibility and affordability that allows you to save smart to achieve your life’s goals such as buying a new house or starting your own business. In addition, FlexiSaver is a basic protection plan that also offers a wide range of premium payment options and coverage term to cater to various savings needs.

  • Affordable premium
  • Wide range of premium payment and coverage term to cater to your savings needs
  • Coverage on death and accidental death
  • Guaranteed maturity value

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Important: This is purely a product summary and if you wish to know more, you may refer to the policy contract or contact us for further details.


With FlexiSaver, you have the flexibility to choose an amount you wish to commit to your savings fund and for how many years. You also choose your coverage term duration so you know exactly when your funds would be ready for withdrawal.

Rest assured that your savings are not merely lying around but managed by professionals who strive to make your money work hard for you.

You also have peace of mind knowing that you are protected with life insurance throughout the coverage term.

Getting started on your long term savings plan is easy, just call your agent or call Allianz Contact Center at 1300-88-1028 or email today.

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