HealthCover / HealthCover Plus

  • Coverage on 36 critical illnesses such as cancer or heart attack
  • Critical illness coverage up to age 100
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HealthCover Enhancer

  • HealthCover Enhancer is a rider you can attach to either HealthCover or HealthCover Plus.
  • Coverage on Carcinoma-in-Situ
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Prime Care

  • Coverage of more than 100 Critical Illnesses such cancer or heart attack from the Early to Advanced stages
  • No waiting period in between claims
  • Diabetes and Cancer Recovery Benefit to help you recuperate and regain your ability to move on with your life planning
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Child Guard

  • Coverage on 9 child specific illnesses
  • Protection even before childbirth as early as 18 weeks into your pregnancy
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Lady Guard

  • Coverage for female-related cancers such as breast cancer, cervix uteri and others
  • Coverage for female-related illnesses such as carcinoma-in-situ of breast or cervix uteri
  • Coverage on pregnancy and infant congenital illnesses
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Man Guard

  • Coverage for testicular, prostate and other male-related cancer
  • Coverage for male-related illnesses
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