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Allianz SecureCover / SecureCover Plus

Protecting your love one when you are unable to.

Product Info

Worried about your child’s insurance premium when you are critically ill or are no longer around. Don’t worry, SecureCover gives you a peace of mind that your child premium is taken care of. If you and your spouse are sharing to pay for your child’s premium then get SecureCover Plus instead. Allianz Life Malaysia will pay an amount equivalent to the premium amount in the event of the:

  • Death of the payor.
  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) of the payor before the age of 65.
  • Diagnosis with any of the specified 36 critical illnesses.

Benefits payable will be allocated towards the purchase of units for the investment-linked account of the policy.

On top of that, an Extended Total and Permanent Disability (ETPD) Rider is attachable to SecureCover/ SecureCover Plus by default at no extra premium charges to you.


The Extended TPD Rider covers:

  • Blindness - Permanent and Irreversible
  • Loss of Independent Existence


Note: If you wish to terminate this Rider, Your ETPD Rider will be terminated automatically.


Important: This is purely a product summary and if you wish to know more, you may refer to the policy contract or contact us for further details.


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