Protect Your Key Personnel​

Our best insurance plan now offers even better protection for your
key personnel and supports the continuity of your business.​

Our most comprehensive corporate insurance plan offers high protection for death, disability, and critical illnesses for the protection of key decision-makers in the business, minimising the impact of losing such personnel and keeping your business operations running smoothly.​

Affordable Plan for a large sum insured.​
Enjoy long-term protection on short-term commitments with Flexible Premium Payment (6-year, 10-year, or full pay) and Coverage Terms up to age 100.​
Prime Booster to boost the policy account value and enjoy a higher payout. It comes with the flexibility to withdraw up to the Prime Booster amount credited without impacting the Insured Amount.​
CI Relief Benefit to support the key personnel financially during recovery. Payable for three (3) years so the key personnel can fully focus on receiving​ treatment and recovery.​
In the event of an ownership change, you can use the fund for business operations or as part of the key personnel's retirement plan.​

Terms and conditions apply.

Note: This is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and is not a pure investment product such as unit trusts.

Important: This is purely a product summary and if you wish to know more, you may refer to the policy contract or contact us for further details.

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