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Engineering & Machines

Our engineering & machine insurance plans lets you protect your equipment and your workforce from harm

  • Provides protection needs of the construction industry

  • Covers all kinds of erection and testing on individual machine, industrial machinery, industrial plants, steel works and / or structure as well as third (3rd) party property and / or bodily injury arising in connection with the erection work
  • Covers damage (other than by fire) to any boiler or pressure vessel or any other apparatus
  • Covers damages to auxiliaries and surrounding properties
  • Covers death of or bodily injury to third party
  • Covers immobile industrial or commercial equipment
  • Covers sudden and unforeseen physical damage to your machineries whether at work or at rest and during cleaning, inspection, over-hauling, and removal to another position within the premises

  • Covers fire, lightning, explosion, impact by land borne / water borne vehicles
  • Covers impact of aircraft and aerial devices
  • Covers earthquake, volcanism and tsunami

  • Covers plant and machinery used by contractors at construction sites

  • Covers losses due to the deterioration of stocks in the cold storage rooms following a breakdown of the cooling machinery which damage is indemnifiable under the Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Covers computers and other electronic equipment and it applies whether the items are at work or at rest or being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning, overhauling or being shifted within the premises
  • Covers loss of gross profit due to business interruption caused by an accident indemnifiable under Machinery Breakdown Insurance

  • Covers accidental collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical derangement
  • Covers fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning
  • Covers burglary, housebreaking or theft
  • Covers sudden and unforeseen physical losses or damages to storage tanks, primarily bulk storage tanks such as palm oil tanks or fuel oil tanks