Errors & Omissions for Management Corporation

  • The entity as well as the natural persons
  • Lawful spouse
  • Legal representatives, heirs, assigns or estates
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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

  • Civil damages and settlement costs
  • Any claim made against the directors and officers
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Employer’s Liability Insurance

  • Personal negligence
  • Failure to provide a safe place and a safe system of work
  • Failure to exercise reasonable care in the recruitment of competent staff
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Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

  • Comprehensive General Liability insurance (CGL) is commonly acquired by contractors who undertake contract of works or service in industries like oil and gas, telecommunication, power plants, engineering, IT etc. as part of the contract requirements
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Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • The Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance protects a professional such as an accountant, solicitor, architect and engineer against his legal liability to pay damages to persons who have sustained financial loss arising from his own professional negligence or that of his employees in the conduct of the business
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Professional Indemnity Excess Layer for Lawyers

  • The amendment to the Legal Profession (Amendment) Act 1992 which came into force on 1 April 1992 has made it compulsory for legal practitioners to have Professional Indemnity Insurance
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Clinical Trial Insurance

  • Provides protection for companies or organizations such as food companies, cosmetic companies, universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies who conduct clinical trials and investigations, in respect of claims made against them by the trial participants
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Public Liability

  • Bodily injuries including illnesses to any person
  • Losses or damages to property
  • Legal expenses incurred in your legal proceeding defence
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Product Liability

  • Defects in the design, manufacture, packaging or labelling of the product can result in injury to the user or damage to his or her property. Other factors causing or contributing to the defect can also surface in the process of storage, transporting and handling of the product. Any one of these causes can be a valid reason for the consumer to file a liability claim against the exporter
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