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Prime Care

We care for you right from the start as we believe early critical illness treatment brings higher chances of recovery.

Product Info

Cancer like many other critical illnesses often strikes unexpectedly. One would have to cope with the challenging impact it brings.

Early treatment brings higher chances of recovery. Therefore, Prime Care is a unique medical insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage against critical illnesses from Early to Advanced stages. This plan helps you to seek early treatment before a covered Critical Illness worsens.

With Prime Care, you can be confident that your well-being is taken care of and your life planning is left uninterrupted.

  • Coverage of more than 100 Critical Illnesses such cancer or heart attack from the Early to Advanced stages
  • No waiting period in between claims
  • Diabetes and Cancer Recovery Benefit to help you recuperate and regain your ability to move on with your life planning

Important: This is purely a product summary and if you wish to know more, you may refer to the policy contract or contact us for further details.

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