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Allianz Malaysia creates moments of truth for customers by being there at the time they need the most - claims. However, there may be unpredictable situations when customers discover that their essential documents for claims are missing or damaged. So what does one do when documents are just not sufficient?

“Insurance is certainly an important asset for every individual. Insurance gives the assurance that no matter what happens, there is always something that you can fall back on. It is a trust that forms out of the promise made by the insurer. When a customer steps forward to make a claim, the insurer needs to ensure that the promise made is delivered no matter the circumstances and situation. Nevertheless, to make the claim a smoother process, all documents must be in place,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

For both Life and General insurance, essential documents that a policyholder should produce when making a claim are dependent on the type of claim that is being made. The required claim supporting documents are mentioned in the Claim Form. Usually, the documents that one should produce are identification documents of the policy holder such as the identity card, driving license, company registration form, copy of the policy schedule or cover note and documents pertaining to the accident or loss such as police report, photographs of scene of accident and fire brigade report among others for general insurance.  On the other hand, for Life and Medical Insurance, a medical report, original bills and receipts, diagnostic test results, police report if applicable, death certificate duly certified, burial certificate duly certified, copy of identity card of the nominee and proof of relationship (if necessary) and other supporting documents are necessary.

For general insurance especially, policyholders do not need to be worried when their claim documents are lost or damaged as in certain circumstances, the policyholder will still be able to proceed with the claim through the submission of a statutory declaration or a police report lodged on the loss of the documents. However, there are still some documents which are crucial in the claims process and hence, policyholders are advised to always keep all the documents in a safe and dry place.  It is also advisable for the policyholders to keep a copy of these documents via hardcopy or scanned copy.

“When customers realise that their important insurance documents are missing or damaged, they should immediately call the insurer. By doing this, we will assist to advise them on how they can approach the authorities or parties concerned to obtain a replacement for the said documents. If the document is not replaceable, we will advise on the available alternatives to substitute the lost or damaged documents. At the end of the day, what is important to us is to provide results for customers,” concluded Zakri.

Those who wish to find out more about these alternatives may contact the Allianz Customer Service Centre at 1-300-88-1028 or email .