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Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad is hiring and is expecting to welcome 2,000 new agents under its Allianz Life Changer (ALC) programme this year. 

Recruitment for the programme runs consecutively each month and when enrolled, the programme will teach recruits about the life insurance industry and provide skill-enhancing trainings. The programme is also tailored to instill values, establish roles and responsibilities, and encourage productivity to enable these new agents to serve customers in a professional manner.

Ong Pin Hean, Chief Sales Officer of Allianz Life said, “Choosing a career as a life insurance agent with Allianz Life goes beyond just selling insurance, it is about people. Sure, it offers you flexible working hours and a comfortable income, but people often forget that as an agent, you have the power to change three things simultaneously; your own life, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of your customers. To me, that is a very powerful career.” 

“There is nothing you cannot achieve with the proper training and the right attitude. The same goes to being a life insurance agent. So if you are a hands-on person, sociable, and seeking a fresh start or a career that is not desk-bound, the Allianz Life Changer is the right fit for you,” said Ong. 

Since 2018, Allianz Life has been an industry leader in embracing digital transformations including the successful implementation of the five-minute e-policy issuance and the introduction of the AllianzLearn, an e-Learning Management System.

The Company’s 4,514 agents also have at their disposal the Imagine App, a single platform tool used pre and post-sales servicing of clients; and Needs Discovery, a digital too that analyses and identifies gaps in an individual’s insurance coverage and tailor makes insurance solutions based on their needs and financial position. 

Ong says the ALC is another extension of the Company’s goal in professionalsing its agency workforce and to rid the industry of the stigma associated with insurance agents who often get a bad rep for seemingly putting their sales target above their customer’s needs. Besides that, Ong is also hopeful that the programme could also play a part in helping Bank Negara Malaysia achieve its 75 percent insurance penetration rate by 2021.

“Our agents serve as advisers to our customers, and our customer’s satisfaction is very important to us. That is why we take a keen interest in emboldening our agents, enhancing their skill-sets and at the same time we also want to raise the standards of professionalism, digitalisation and entrepreneurship of the life insurance industry,” said Ong.

To be a part of the Allianz Life Changer programme, get in touch with any Allianz Life insurance agency nationwide or visit Allianz Life’s corporate website at or Allianz Life Changer Facebook  page to register. 



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