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While we look forward to wrapping up 2020 and putting the events of the year firmly behind us, take some time to show your home some love and care.

Having spent an extended amount of time at home during the past few months, you may come to expect some wear and tear on your home, including fixtures and appliances. Here are five ways to show your home some love: 

Check for soil erosion
After a spell of rainy days, it is always a good practice to routinely check the land surrounding the perimeter of your home for soil erosion. At the same time, check and clean out clogged drains and gutters.  

Keep a clean home
Vacuum your home regularly and keep kitchen cabinets, living areas, and bedrooms tidy. Air out living spaces, cupboards when you can and remove dust and cobwebs promptly. It is best to do a deep-clean of your house at least once a year. Pest control is also best done at least once a year or you can also use store-bought pest bait traps.  

Unclog the sink
If you live in a landed property, unclogged and clean your drains at least every two years. Take care of your kitchen sink and practice proper disposal of food items and liquids. 

Check/change old wires or plugs
Check the wiring and plugs of older electronic items in the house and change exposed wires and replace broken plugs. If you are unsure, always get professional help to carry out those repairs and most importantly, do not overload the sockets!

Get home insurance
Home insurance protects against loss or damages to the residential building and household contents. Allianz Smart Home Cover goes one step further by providing reimbursements of repairs for burst pipes, replacement of house doors, locks, and windows or any home repair service solicited through its partners and Servis Hero. It also offers home care services once a year, for pest control services for termites or bed bugs treatment, and more importantly, home disinfection service if a member of the household gets diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

So remember, take some extra time to lovingly care for your home and stay safe.

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