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The latest news from the Allianz Malaysia as well as background information and images for the media to use.

 This Year's Camp

This year a new format was put in place to increase the players' ball time in a more competitive environment. A league was introduced where 55 teams from three different states in Malaysia, totalling up to more than 650 participants, fought it out over a period of seven weeks. After the first six weeks, 16 teams were chosen to play in the AJFC National Finals over a weekend in June. The participants for both Asian Camp, Bali and AJFC Munich were selected from the Grand Finals, where the top of two teams contested in a full-time game.

Eight participants were sent to Bali, Indonesia for Asian Camp while five others attended AJFC Munich.

Asian Camp participants:

  • Syed Mubarak Bin Sayed Yahaya
  • Yuganes A/L Ganassan
  • Muhammad Hadi Bin Mizei @ Termizi
  • Muhammad Iqmal Hafizi B. Muhammad Sazli
  • Muhammad Najmirul Hakim Bin Abd Halit
  • Furqan Bin Azri
  • Muhammad Syukri Bin MohamadMuhammad Syuaib Bin Mohamad

For 2015, a pair of twins from Asian Camp were picked to attend the Munich Camp via the “Wild Card Selection”. Thus, making a total number of participants for Munich Camp five instead of three.

Munich Camp participants:

  • Mohamad Izzuddin Bin Roslan
  • Muhammad Amirul Husaini Bin Zamri
  • Thinesvarman A/L Nathan
  • Muhammad Syukri Bin Mohamad
  • Muhammad Syuaib Bin Mohamad