Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 3 tbs dark brown sugar
  • 50ml water
  • 3 cups ice cubes
  • 4 scoops Nutren Diabetik milk powder (mix in 200ml cold water)
  • 6 tbs Cendol




  1. Heat up pan over medium heat. Put in 3 tbs of dark brown sugar and add 50 ml warm water. Stir until all the sugar is dissolved and thickens. Turn off the heat.
  2. Mix 4 scoops of Nutren Diabetik milk powder with 200ml of water. Stir the mixture .
  3. Prepare 3 cups of ice cubes. Blend the ice cubes in a blender and portion it into 2 bowls.
  4. Pour Nutren Diabetik mixture into the 2 bowls.
  5. Add 3 tbs of cendol in each  of the bowls.
  6. Drizzle the dark brown syrup into each bowl and serve immediately.



Low Calorie Cendol  nutrition content per serving:

Calories (kcal)


Carbohydrate (g)


Protein (g)


Fat (g)