Road Safety Tips!


Allianz shares our top tips for staying safe on the road this holiday season.

Christmas and New Year's may have come and gone, but Chinese New Year is just around the corner. It's a time for family gatherings, celebration and gastronomical indulgence. For many Malaysians living in major cities, a precursor to all that festivity and joy is the annual pilgrimage back to their hometowns. With hordes of Malaysians hitting the highways to fulfill their balik kampung duties, traffic incidents tend to occur at a higher rate. Here are a few tips to help you get to your destination safely during the holidays:


Staying Safe On the Road this ChineseNew Year



Pro tip: Get a comprehensive motor insurance in case of a break down. 

So you’ve followed all the steps in the infographic above and yet, your car breaks down in the middle of a bustling highway under a scorching sun. Worse, your car might break down in the middle of an empty street during a torrential downpour. What happens next?

To save yourself from the unforeseen hassle and danger of waiting for hours for a tow-truck and missing out on that family reunion this Chinese New Year, we provide you with Allianz Enhance Road Warrior!

Here’s how Allianz Enhance Road Warrior can rescue you in times of road distress:

• Get a free replacement car while your own vehicle is sent to the workshop, so you could scoot off to your hometown in a jiffy
• Free 24-hour unlimited towing distance allows you to choose from our extensive list of workshops, so it’ll be as close to you as possible at your hometown
• Personal accident coverage for you and your passengers
• Accidental death and permanent disablement coverage
• Wide choice of authorized panel workshops nationwide
• Compassionate flood cover 


Now, you’re all equipped and ready to hit the road. Be safe, and Allianz wishes you a pleasant journey ahead and Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating!