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Allianz Malaysia has added yet another touch point between its agents, customers and the general public alike – social media. A new project by the Company which was initiated last year has received positive response and continues to gain momentum. 

“As the world becomes smaller, social media is undeniably a powerful communication tool today. Realising this and in line with our Digitization effort, we want to provide our customers options that are easier and convenient, especially for those who are digitally savvy. This does not mean that we totally change the way we are currently working but rather using digital offerings to complement and improve our existing operations where we include our distribution partners. As such, we started a pilot project, cascaded down by our group company in Munich using social media, especially Facebook,” said Sean Wang, Chief Operations Officer of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

This project assists agents to be heard, found and socialise through a toolbox; creating another important touch point for Allianz Malaysia’s customers to get quicker and convenient access to information right at their fingertips. The creation of Facebook business pages for agents in Munich as well as in several other operating entities in Europe has been successful especially in reaching out to customers. It is this success that paved way to the pilot project for the Asian countries, where Malaysia is one of the three selected entities for this project besides Indonesia and Thailand. 

“By utilising toolbox; an extra edge is provided; agents can share a variety of topics on their business page and it is able to trigger signals like important milestones of an agent’s fans’ birthdays, new job, weddings, relocation and such; which then allows the agent to connect with them. Hence, a stronger relationship is created between an agent and customer, where at the end of the day, we create results for customers,” continued Wang.

In Malaysia, 34 agents from both Allianz Malaysia’s general and life insurance entities were selected to be part of this project. They are provided trainings, where they are taught to manage a business page on social media. Since it started last year, these agents have a collective of more than 3,350 fans on their Facebook page as at 31March 2015. Allianz Malaysia’s agents are also at par with other agents from Indonesia and Thailand in terms of engagement on their Facebook page through this special toolbox. With its success, all agents of Allianz Malaysia will be introduced to this. 

Customers who wish to get in touch with an Allianz Malaysia agent online can do so by logging on to Facebook and search for ‘Allianz Malaysia’.  A drop-down menu of Allianz Malaysia agents will appear and customers can click on a preferred agent’s page to get in touch with him/her.