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Each insurance decision you make can be life changing. After all, one of the biggest concern is being able to afford the premium payment and if you are ready for that long term financial commitment.

The latest offering from Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Life), Allianz MoneyBack, is the perfect choice if you are looking for a life insurance policy that offers you protection on a short-term commitment.

Not your typical insurance plan, Allianz MoneyBack only requires policyholders to commit to a premium payment of only six years to enjoy life protection coverage for 15 years and a money back guarantee when your policy has matured. With this, policyholders will receive a Maturity Benefit, a lump sum payment of the total premium paid over the first six years if no claim is made during the 15-year coverage period. 

Chief Product Officer of Allianz Life, Ooi Haw Yun, acknowledges that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order has made Malaysians less open towards long term financial commitments, although that should not diminish the importance of having adequate life protection. 

“Unfortunately buying life insurance is not high on everyone’s priority list. Most will say that they are not prepared to be tied down by the premium payments and would rather use the cash for other tangible things than a life policy. Their mindset is, why pay for a policy that I might not even claim from. So we listened to the voice of the customers and developed Allianz MoneyBack with a feature that refunds all the premiums paid at the end of the term if no claim is made,” said Haw Yun.

For premium as low as RM135 per month, Allianz MoneyBack offers Death and Accidental Death benefits, whereby the latter will provide the next of kin with 200 percent of the Insured Amount should Accidental Death occur between the third policy year and before the insured reaches the age of 71.  

Besides that, Allianz MoneyBack also offers a discount when purchasing high coverage. The higher the coverage amount, the larger the discount. On top of that, the enrolment process is simple where customers only need to answer one health question when purchasing the policy. 

“Allianz MoneyBack is perfect for individuals in their prime and with young families who want an insurance plan that not only protects them but also rewards them if they do not make a claim. Additionally, they are keen plans that are shorter in premium commitment. 

Allianz MoneyBack is a win-win plan and is definitely a smart choice for this demographic. The money back guarantee allows policyholders to allocate the future lump sum payment for other expenditures such as funding a child’s education or investments.” added Haw Yun.

To purchase Allianz MoneyBack, contact any Allianz Life agent or visit to register your interest. 

*Terms and conditions apply.     

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