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Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) has teamed up with Speedrent to offer homeowners peace of mind when renting out their homes. 

With Allianz General and Speedrent, homeowners are better protected from risks such as runaway tenants, tardy paymasters and damages.

“Allianz is all about providing simply the best value for customers. And through our partnership with Speedrent, homeowners can rely on Allianz to be their safety net to safeguard their interest and rest assured that their homes and rents are in good hands, ” said Linda Lor, Head of Digital Innovation and Special Projects of Allianz General.

“Buying a property is one of the most important investments you would ever make. So insuring your property should be of utmost priority, and more so if you end up leasing the home to service your loan. Together with Speedrent, we protect you from runaway tenants, tardy paymasters and home damages. We take care of the unnecessary inconveniences so that you won’t have to worry about rent, tenants and everything in between,” added Linda. 

Speedrent offers homeowners an ideal home rental experience from start to finish. Homeowners are able to advertise properties, filter tenants, use chat services, and paperless agreements just by using the Speedrent app. And once the deal is done, Speedrent also manages the rental payments and ensures everything will run like clockwork.

“Speedrent is all about simplifying and making home renting 10 times better. The first major improvement we did was bringing more objective information in filtering quality tenants. Bank uses credit score as one of the key criteria in approving loan application because it is by far the most objective way to screen a person financial background. Speedrent adopted this best practice and make it available to home renting vetting process. All tenants that rent through Speedrent must go through our vigorous process.” said Wong Whei Meng, Chief Executive Officer of Speedrent. 

“Homeowners are always worried that their property condition during the tenancy period. Deposit is the current way to safeguard homeowner interest, but the deposit is nothing compared to the potential damage cost! We acknowledged this and went all out to partner with Allianz to bring the best-in-class protection to our homeowners. Matching Speedrent’s objective filtering process with unmatched protection, we make home renting more predictable and safer!” added Whei Meng.

Speedrent currently has served more than 65,000 users, 25,000 residential listings and has served hundreds of happy homeowners and tenants since April 2015. To find out more about Speedrent, visit or email You can also download the Speedrent app from the App Store or Google Play.

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