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Cancer is the fourth biggest killer in Malaysia and one of the most critical health problems in the world.

At the World Cancer Congress 2018 last October, the Health Ministry’s Malaysian Study on Cancer Survival was announced. The study showed there are approximately 37,000 newly-diagnosed cases of cancer every year. The number is expected to rise to 55,000 by 2030. 

It begs the question – what can Malaysians do about it?

The Reimagine Your Medical Choices forum by Allianz Malaysia Berhad at Menara TA One today focused on addressing viable options in treatment, protection and care available when facing cancer.

Allianz Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Zakri Khir said: “As insurers, we hope to continue to harness our responsibility in driving and implementing value in healthcare in Malaysia. Having this forum is an extension of our commitment towards affecting positive change in cancer care in Malaysia.”

“We believe that our role is not confined to delivering the promises of an insurance policy. We aim to address the blank space and the uncertainty that shadows a cancer diagnosis – tackling everything from pre-diagnosis to post-cancer management and long-term care as well as prevention,” added Zakri.

The guest speakers at the event were Frank Ahedo (CEO, Further), Dr. Azura Rozila Ahmad (Consultant Medical Oncologist, Beacon Hospital), Ooi Haw Yun (Acting Chief Product Officer, Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad), Dr. Carol Yip (CEO,Managedcare Sdn Bhd), Hazwan Najib (Co-founder, DoctorOnCall), and Sim Kheng Yuen (Health Ambassador, DietChain). 

Tackling cancer: Putting together a solid game plan

Tackling an illness like cancer requires a solid game plan. It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you need a few components to work together in order for you to understand the bigger picture. The strategy: always start with the corners and fixing all the blue bits first.  

The Reimagine Your Medical Choices forum featured six industry experts who shared their knowledge for a holistic approach towards understanding the landscape of cancer care in Malaysia.

Genomic Testing and Precision Medicine in Cancer Care 
Dr. Azura Rozila Ahmad, a senior Consultant Medical Oncologist at Beacon Hospital, believes that advances in technology and genetic testing has allowed for greater understanding of the key things about cancer. 

Moving away from the “one size fits all” medicine, genomic testing and precision medicine allows targeted therapy and personalised treatment of cancer. There are many new treatments designed to target a specific change which are being tested right now in clinical trials.

However, there are limitations as additional genetic changes occur over time, so the patient must get re-tested. Other things to consider include side effects and the cost of treatment. 
Comprehensive insurance coverage with Allianz Malaysia

MediSafe Infinite+ is a new primary medical rider for Allianz PowerLink, that offers extensive cancer coverage which allows customers to gain access to new medical technology in cancer treatment such as genomic testing, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy.

In addition to that, there is access to Global Expert Medical Opinion (GEMO) as well as high overall annual limit and no overall lifetime limit. The coverage is available across seven plans ranging from Plan 150 (overall Annual Limit of RM850,000) to Plan 500 (overall Annual Limit of RM2,500,000).

Allianz Cancer Protect offers Malaysians financial flexibility in managing cancer diagnosis. Coverage A offers 200 percent of the Insured Amount upon approval of the claim. Coverage B offers Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit. After receiving the claim approval and payout of the first 100percent of Insured Amount, an Indemnification Period of 36 months shall start. The Insured Person can choose to either receive an additional 100 percent of Insured Amount (after which the Policy shall be subsequently terminated) or activate the Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit (Annual Limit of USD2 million and Overall Limit of USD4 million).

Access and Advances in Overseas Cancer Treatments
Imagine a world with borderless access to the best medical specialists across the world, removing geographic and financial barriers. Further, a specialist international underwriting agency based in Madrid, Spain offers patients exactly that.

There are significant advances in technology taking place and these improvements will impact oncology treatments over the next decade. While they might not be perfect, they will help propel the agenda for improved medical treatments the world over and Further will be there to connect the dots.

Cancer Care Beyond Hospital
Accessible by chat, phone or video call, the telehealth platform provides users nationwide access to qualified doctors and specialists and provides the perfect solution for those with transportation or mobility issues. 

DoctorOnCall was created so that you would never have to leave home to get a medical consultation. Now, they are also focusing on providing cancer care, offering patients improved quality of life when dealing with a long-term illness.

Reimagine Your Medical Choices Forum Factsheet

About our partners

Further, and its founding team of seasoned insurance and medical services executives, have successfully created the first of its kind turnkey solution that gives people the chance to access treatment with the best medical specialists across the world, removing geographic and financial barriers.

Beacon Hospital
Beacon Hospital is a medium - sized cancer specialist hospital equipped with 100 beds and more than 80 medical specialists. Our primary focus is to provide advanced medical equipment, specialist doctors and professional nursing care for patients with love and empathy.

Managedcare Sdn Bhd
As a one-stop care platform, Managedcare is in the business of coordinating a variety of health and long-term care services as well as the administration of these services to achieve optimum value in terms of quality and affordability. We bring to you products and services that ease the provision and access to care, giving you total peace of mind.

DoctorOnCall is Malaysia's first and largest digital health platform which offers telehealth consultation, online pharmacy, medication delivery and specialist booking. Through DoctorOnCall, patients can talk to a doctor through chat, phone or video call and get their medication delivered to their homes within a few hours.

DietChain is the world's first intelligent food and beverage platform created by Malaysian entrepreneurs and professional managers. DietChain CBC Dialectical Dietary Database System – has accumulated more than 30 years of clinical experience, based on the user’s personal health and physical fitness, customised personal diet principles and taboos, recipe recommendations etc.