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Enjoy 1-month basic premium CASH BONUS when you sign up for Allianz PowerLink attached with MediSafe Infinite+ (zero deductible).


Offer period: 24 February – 23 March 2021


What is Allianz PowerLink?

Allianz PowerLink offers a comprehensive protection with just one plan where it combines both insurance protection and investment to protect you financially when the unexpected happens. This plan also gives you the flexibility to add different benefits to give you and your family a hassle-free coverage. In addition, should the unforeseen happens like death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) while this policy is in force, this plan pays a lump sum benefit plus the account value.

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What is MediSafe Infinite+?

Power up your Allianz PowerLink plan with MediSafe Infinite+ that offers the most comprehensive medical protection. Gain access to wide coverages such as unlimited overall lifetime limit, no claim benefits, extensive cancer coverage and more! Gain peace of mind for you and your family with this comprehensive plan.

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What's more?

MediSafe Infinite+ also covers eligible medical expenses incurred as a result of hospitalisation due to side effects of COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia.  
Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions.


  • All eligible new Allianz PowerLink, with MediSafe Infinite+ (Zero deductible) rider attached and submitted within the campaign period.
  • For citizens of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysian Permanent Residents only, who applied whilst in Malaysia.
  • Policy remains continuously in-force up to the end of the first Policy Year.
  • MediSafe Infinite+ (Zero deductible) is attached to Allianz PowerLink policy at inception and they are not terminated effectively within the first Policy Year.
  • All premiums due for the first Policy Year are paid to date. Not eligible for customers who have taken a premium holiday, are approved for COVID-19 Premium Deferment Programme and/or have performed a partial withdrawal within the first Policy Year.
  • Cash Bonus given will be the 1-month basic premium (including both Insurance Premium and Investment Premium), but excludes WealthCover premium and adhoc top-up premium. Cash Bonus given will be the lowest monthly premium paid for the first Policy Year.
  • Cash Bonus will be given one year after the end of the campaign period (approximately end March 2022) by crediting into Policy Account with 100% allocation rate.

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