Discover how we're doing our part to preserve the environment
Climate change is a serious risk faced by the insurance industry, with disaster-related claims increasing in recent years. Allianz takes its environmental responsibility seriously and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

Allianz Malaysia aims to cultivate a strong environmental culture within the group which will in turn help us to make a difference externally. By monitoring, disclosing and taking actions to reduce our environmental and carbon footprint, we acknowledge our responsibility for the sustainable development of our business.

Allianz has been operating on a carbon-neutral basis since 2012, which means that the net greenhouse gas emissions from our global operations is zero. We achieve this by continually working to reduce emissions from our own operations and by being an early investor in carbon projects, such as REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) projects. These projects generate CO2 certificates, which we use to offset our carbon footprint, and surplus certificates can be sold to generate a financial return.

Internally, we have identified the key environmental impacts from our operations:

  • Energy we use to operate our buildings and IT equipment
  • Business travel by air, car and train
  • Paper used
  • Waste generated from our day-to-day operations
  • Water used in our buildings

Allianz has introduced a Group-wide Environmental Management System (“EMS”) to ensure transparency in environmental performance and to support systematic environmental data collection and control. In Malaysia, since 2006, we have monitored and reported our energy, paper and water consumption as well as our business travel via EMS. Our overall emissions reduction since 2006 now stands at 27.3% per employee, and we continue our journey to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.

Actions taken:

  • Energy-efficient and eco friendly solutions (refitting of offices with low-energy options, low-energy IT equipment)
  • Low-carbon alternatives (teleconferencing to reduce travel)
  • Digitization of processes and paperless initiatives (Alpha (AGIC), e-submission (ALIM), Imagine (ALIM), use of smartphone apps, soft copies for board and management meetting)Waste generated from our day-to-day operations
  • Recycling of paper waste

Employees’ engagement in environmental awareness is key to the significant reduction of our carbon footprint. Apart from initiatives to improve facilities and infrastructure towards reducing our carbon footprint, we also encourage our employees to adopt sustainable and environmentally-friendly habits. Initiatives such as eco film screenings, talk series & workshops, recycling activities and the Environment Day were conducted in conjunction with the 125 Year Celebration of Allianz.
Engaging Employees
As part of Allianz 125th Anniversary (“125Y”) Celebration, Allianz is committed to giving back to society by helping communities address the two global megatrends, Demographic Change and Environmental Change. Allianz Malaysia selected the topic of Environmental Change and will roll out the environmental related activities in Head Office and branches nationwide. Examples of the Allianz 125th Anniversary (“125Y”) Celebration initiatives are displayed below:

Environmental change is an emerging issue that affects every one of us. The Employee Dialog on 23 September 2015 focuses the brainpower of the Allianz Malaysia employees on the challenges our communities face in relation to the global megatrend of environmental change. The employee dialog aims to inspire our internal community to develop and share ideas about how to mitigate the impact of this megatrend on future generations.

In conjunction with the 125 year anniversary celebration, Allianz Malaysia branch offices nationwide organised their own Environment Day events. Initiatives included the following activities:

  • Paper recycling activity at Alor Setar branch
  • Teluk Batik beach clean-up organized by our branches in the Perak region (Ipoh, Teluk Intan & Taiping)
  • Pantai Genting beach clean-up organized by our Kota Bharu branch
  • Paper recycling activities at our branch office in Kluang
  • Turtle conservation programme activities & educational trip at the Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary, Pulau Redang, organized by the Kuala Terengganu branch
  • Recycling activities at Melaka branch
  • Belaya beach clean-up by Miri branch
  • Recycling activities carried out by the Northern Region Processing Hub
  • Recycling of paper at Sarikei branch
  • Recycling activities at Segamat branch
  • Recycling of paper and clothes by Tawau branch
  • Advocacy campaign at the Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah, which was organized by Temerloh branch